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51 Huge Signs You’re A Starseed & Which Star System Are You From?

Visualize, for a moment, our beautiful, deep, vast universe. It’s filled with small white dwarfs, massive solar beings, millions of planets, in thousands of swirling, glittering galaxies.

If you’re here, you already strongly feel that we’re not alone in our universe. In fact, we now have biological non-human evidence that we’re not the only sentient beings in our universe.

Also, if you’re like my husband and his dad, you likely feel like Earth is just a dream you can’t wake up from, are ready for a vacation away from Earth, or that Earth doesn’t quite feel like home.

You may be a Starseed. Let’s find out!

51 Signs That You’re a Starseed

What if your soul wasn’t solely from Earth, but had its origins in these distant star systems? If you’ve ever felt a strange connection to the cosmos or out of place on Earth, you might be a Starseed.

Sometimes, there are overlaps to spiritual species, so we’ve broken down these 51 signs into two sections: Extraordinary Traist and Starseed-Specific Traits.

Extraordinary Traits

If you can answer “Yes, that’s me!” to at least half of these, then you’re definitely within the realm of Lightworker, Starseed, Psychic, or Indigo Child, where you’re able to tap into different dimensions.


  1. Have felt different from others from a young age.
  2. Possesses an innate wisdom far beyond your apparent age.
  3. Have a heightened sensitivity to your environment.
  4. Experience deja vu or precognition regularly.
  5. Have an unusual, often vivid, and intricate dream life.
  6. Experience frequent synchronicities.
  7. Had spiritual or paranormal experiences in childhood.
  8. Have a distinct sense of not belonging to your family or society.
  9. Find comfort and solace in solitude.
  10. Have natural and strong empathic abilities
  11. Have a strong sense of purpose or mission in life.
  12. Exhibit a strong pull towards helping others and the Earth.
  13. Experience a strong connection with nature and animals.
  14. Display a fast learning capability, especially in spiritual matters.
  15. Frequently experience unexplained physical symptoms, such as energy surges.
  16. Are drawn to the metaphysical, the mysteries of the universe, and esoteric knowledge.
  17. Possesses psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance or telepathy.
  18. Have past-life memories or experiences.
  19. Find traditional life paths (job, marriage, etc.) to be unfulfilling or meaningless.
  20. Have an inquisitive mind and question established norms and systems.
  21. Don’t fear death and instead, sees it as a transition.
  22. Display creative or artistic talents.
  23. Are more nocturnal, feeling energized at night and tired during the day.
  24. Are drawn to crystals, sacred geometry, or other metaphysical tools.
  25. Have an intricate inner life, often getting lost in your thoughts.
  26. Are frequently the person others go to for advice and guidance.
  27. Display uncommon compassion and understanding for others.
  28. Attract others easily due to your strong energetic field.
  29. Feel a constant longing to return to a more advanced, peaceful, and loving society.
  30. Are frequently described as an “old soul”.
  31. Can communicate or connect with spirits and other unseen entities.
  32. Have a deep love for all living beings and the universe.
  33. Are highly sensitive to the energy of the spaces and people around you.
  34. Experience profound moments of déjà vu, or reality glitches.
  35. Intuitively understand the law of energy and vibration.

Starseed-Specific Traits

If you answered yes to at least half of the Extraordinary Traits, plus you can answer “Yes, that’s me!” to almost all of these, then you’re definitely out of this world!


  1. Feel a deep connection to space and the stars.
  2. Feel a strange affinity to certain cultures, time periods, or locations.
  3. Don’t resonate with worldly desires and pursuits.
  4. Have an innate understanding of complex spiritual concepts.
  5. Often feels like you are in a “waking dream”.
  6. Have a history of encounters with extraterrestrial beings or unidentified flying objects (UFOs)/unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs).
  7. Have an unusual blood type or RH factor.
  8. Possess an advanced understanding or interest in science, especially astronomy or quantum physics.
  9. Have a sense of urgency to fulfill your mission, even if you’re unsure of what it is.
  10. Have a deep desire for a “home” that you’ve never seen in this life.
  11. Feel a deep connection to water, in all its forms.
  12. Have a high resistance or intolerance to lower vibrations (such as violence, hatred).
  13. Are frequently drawn to the sky and stars without understanding why.
  14. Have an interest in ancient civilizations, particularly those of high spiritual or technological advancement.
  15. Have highly intuitive eating and lifestyle habits.
  16. Have memories or dreams of places not on Earth.

Remember, this list is not intended as a definitive diagnostic tool. Identifying as a Starseed is an entirely personal and deeply spiritual journey that depends on individual feelings, experiences, and beliefs.

Defining Starseeds

So, you’re a Starseed! It’s so exciting! But, what does it mean?

What Is a Starseed?

In the spiritual community, a Starseed is considered to be a soul or bundle of awareness that originates from different star systems or galaxies but is now living on Earth, usually to understand and feel life from a Human standpoint. Starseeds often feel different from others and have a profound sense of not belonging to this world.

While this is largely a metaphysical concept and not recognized by mainstream psychology or psychiatry, there are certain traits and experiences common among those who identify as Starseeds.

Starseed Common Goals

Starseeds typically decide to make the journey to Earth, or the Earth plane that we’re experiencing right now, in order to:

  • Learn about this era of time.
  • Understand current discoveries of Earth.
  • Help guide Earth to its next big milestone.
  • Experience life as a Human.
  • Understand where we came from and will continue to go.
  • Share rare knowledge from other galaxies or planes of existence.

Starseed Types

There are various types of starseeds, based on their originating star systems. These include Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian, Andromedan, and many others, each carrying unique traits and purposes.

Star Systems Starseeds May Originate From

Once you suspect you’re a Starseed, your next question is likely to be: Where do I come from?

Check out the traits of Starseeds from each system to help pinpoint what part of the galaxy your consciousness may come from!

The Pleiades

Also known as the “Seven Sisters,” Starseeds from the Pleiades are known for their healing abilities and loving, gentle nature.

The Pleaides


Sirius Starseeds are advanced in spiritual wisdom, and they are responsible for elevating the consciousness of humanity.

Sirius (bottom star)


Orion Starseeds are warriors at heart with a strong inclination towards uncovering truth and wisdom.

The Orion Constellation


Andromedan Starseeds are known for their independence, free-thinking, and strong sense of justice.

The Andromeda Galaxy


Lyran Starseeds are identified by their deep understanding of cosmic unity and love.

The Lyra Constellation

How To Connect With Your Starseed Family

Recognizing your starseed traits and star system is the first step in connecting with your celestial family. It can offer a sense of peace and belonging, opening pathways to new spiritual growth.

Browsing r/starseeds or r/Experiencers can help you connect with others who feel pulled to a specific star system.

Meditation and intention setting also helps to shift reality towards your goal of connecting with your Motherland.

Finally, locating your star system in the sky and gazing towards its direction will help connect you to its cosmic energies.

To Close The Circle

Being a starseed is not a matter of superior status but a unique cosmic journey, filled with love, purpose, and growth. By recognizing these signs and connecting with your star origins, you embrace the vastness of your soul and the beautiful diversity of our universe.


What is a Starseed?

A Starseed is the concept of a soul that originated from different star systems or galaxies but is currently living on Earth.

What are the signs of being a Starseed?

Signs include high emotional intelligence, unique physical traits, a sense of intense cosmic connection, high sensitivity, and compelling dreams.

What are the different types of Starseeds?

Different types include Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian, Andromedan, and more.

Can I be a Starseed from more than one star system?

Yes, some believe it’s possible to have connections with multiple star systems.

How can I connect with my Starseed family?

Recognizing your starseed traits and star system origin, then reaching out to others on Reddit or in meditation.

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