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How to use a Crystal Ball for Scrying

Crystal ball? Check. Third-eye on point? Check. Now what? How do you scry with a ball made of solid crystal? How does it tap into the beyond and help you see beyond your physical eyes? It’s surprisingly easy, but it’s not quite what you’re expecting.

On TV, we always see a beautiful woman offering psychic readings. Incense fills the air, and as she places her ringed fingers around the ball, smoke fills her solid quartz crystal ball. Suddenly, everyone in the room can see into the future, as if they’ve all reached a heightened state of enlightenment.

Good news: this is partially right!

What is Catoptromancy?

Gazing into a crystal ball or mirror to divine the unknown is called the art of “catoptromancy”. Essentially, this form of scrying involves softening the gaze and peering into a reflective surface. 

What is scrying? 

Scrying is the art of staring into an item with the goal of receiving or seeing messages, symbols, pictures, or other scenes that hold information that was previously unknown. Types of scrying include mirror, crystal, cloud, and water scrying.

When you gaze into one of these items, your body experiences a trance; your newly opened third eye begins to feel as if you’re traveling through the dark depths of space. Once you’re staring into the depths of darkness, images begin to cross your sixth chakra (the third eye chakra). 

How do I know if I’m actually crystal scrying?

As you look into the surface of the crystal, your third eye starts to separate from your body. You’ll begin to feel as if you’re meditating. Next, you’ll begin to notice darkness in your field of vision; these may look like little dark clouds or blobs. Keep watching. Eventually, 50% of your vision will be black. Once it is, you’ll begin to see messages or hear sounds. 

This is what crystal ball scrying is all about!

What will I see when I scry?

When you scry, you’ll see black blobs, pulsing dark spots, or clouds filling your vision. Keep staring. Soon, images, pictures, and symbols will flood into your third eye.

Steps to Scry in a Crystal Ball

  1. Set up: Unwrap your crystal ball from its dark storage cloth. 
  2. Cleanse: Wash your ball with your favorite crystal ball cleansing wash. (Don’t have one? Give ours a try!)
  3. Create Sacred Space: Set your crystal ball at a comfortable height to gaze at. Turn down the lights, light a few candles on safe surfaces, cleanse the space with sage, turn on your favorite music, and light your favorite incense. Cast a protective circle around your space. This step is similar to what you might do for reading tarot cards or doing energy healing. 
  4. Start a voice recording app: This will help you document what you’re seeing without breaking your trance to write things down.
  5. Get comfortable: Sometimes, scrying can take a while. Grab some pillows to sit on or a blanket to cover your legs.
  6. Relax: Begin gazing at your crystal ball and count down backward from 12 to 1. If you can, visualize each number inside the crystal ball.
  7. Scry: When you’re done counting down, just stare into the center of your crystal ball. You’ll begin to see black blobs, pulsing dark spots, or clouds filling your vision. This is the beginning of your vision! 
  8. Scry deeper: Once you see the dark clouds, lock your gaze on them. 
  9. Ask your questions: Once you start to see or hear anything inside the dark clouds, ask your questions.
  10. Speak what you see: When you begin seeing things in the dark clouds or hearing responses, say them out loud. Your voice recording app will capture everything you say, so you don’t have to worry about writing anything down!
  11. Finish your session: Count up from 1 to 12, and thank yourself and your spirit guides for their help. Open your protective circle.
  12. Cleanse and store: Cleanse your ball with the crystal ball wash and wrap your ball back in its dark cloth.

Don’t forget to practice scrying often; this will help you fall into trance a lot faster!

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