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How to Relax in 2 Steps (5 seconds!)

Relaxation is the gateway to creating a perfect life! When we’re relaxed, we can think clearly about what’s happening in our lives, we can consciously understand our emotions, and we become receptive to forces that help us become our best selves. Unfortunately, we live in a stress society. Everything we do builds upon another layer of stress. We start to wonder, “How can I get rid of all this stress?” Soon, we’re buried so deeply under stress that we can no longer even feel our bodies.

This quick, 2-step practice takes 5 seconds and gives you instant relief. Instantly relax. Relieve muscle tension. Feel happier.

How to Relax in 2 Steps (5 seconds!)

  1. Raise your arms above your head with your hands pointed towards the sky.
  2. Squeeze and tense every muscle in your body. Slowly bring your arms down and feel your body relax.

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