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15 Ways to Shield Yourself against Harmful Energy

In the Psychic, Wiccan, and Pagan community, it’s common to hear the phrase “Make sure you shield!”, or as Aurora so excitedly puts it, “Shields Up, Witches!”. We’re here to show you a million different ways to protect yourself when things get real; by a million, we mean 15. Let’s do this!

What is shielding?

Shielding is the art of using intention against intention, energy against energy, positivity against negativity. When we create anything in our mind, it sets out to be created in real life; this is the basis of how manifestation works! Unfortunately, ideas, thoughts, and visualization can sometimes happen on accident when we daydream; yes, these ideas, thoughts, and visualizations can manifest on accident as well! These manifestations can be as small as a hit of harmful energy or run of bad luck. In order to protect ourselves from accidental harmful energy or intended harm, we counter those harmful manifestations by purposefully manifesting our own positive energy around us. In short, shielding is the act of visualizing yourself surrounded by positivity or positive imagery in order to reflect, dispel, or dissolve harmful intentions, energy, and manifestations. It’s protection against non-mundane threats. Wondering how you shield? We’ve got you.

15 ways to shield yourself against harmful energy

  1. Visualize yourself surrounded by white light.
  2. Visualize yourself surrounded by golden light.
  3. Visualize yourself wrapped in angel’s wings.
  4. Visualize yourself surrounded by a circle of your favorite trees.
  5. Visualize yourself surrounded by protective hedges.
  6. Visualize yourself surrounded by mirrors that reflect harmful energy away.
  7. Visualize yourself surrounded by a tube of lipstick.
  8. Visualize yourself inside of a strong eggshell.
  9. Visualize yourself inside of a mutli-faceted quartz crystal.
  10. Visualize yourself inside of a diamond.
  11. Visualize yourself at the center of your favorite planet.
  12. Visualize yourself enclosed in a flower, with petals wrapped all around you.
  13. Visualize yourself in a column of silver light.
  14. Visualize yourself surrounded by the dense roots of your favorite tree, with the roots carrying harmful energy away from you.
  15. Visualize a force field around yourself.
Protip: After visualizing, know that you’re safe, and see harmful energy bouncing off of your shield or dissolving when it hits your shield.

How often should you shield?

  1. Daily
  2. Whenever you enter a space that feels weird.
  3. Whenever you feel threatened, afraid, or anxious.
What are some of your favorite ways to shield? Happy Shielding!
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