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11 Best Crystals for Pregnancy

The transition from Maiden to Mother is a beautiful journey, filled with beautiful growth, emotions, manifestations, psychic abilities, and love. It will also be filled with pockets of insomnia, increased sensitivity to energies, and chances for invasive strangers to touch your belly. Luckily, you’re a magical being, and you have the power of crystals on your side!

There are crystals for every pregnancy stage, at any point in your pregnancy timeline. It’s very important to note that before using, touching, interacting, or ingesting any crystals or crystal remedies, you should always consult your doctor. Crystal therapy is not a replacement for medical advice, practices, or prescriptions. Crystals are meant to work in tandem with physical care.

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11 Best Crystals for Pregnancy

1. Rose Quartz

A gentle healer, this beautiful pink crystal resonates strongly with the vibrations of your pregnancy. Unconditional love pulses from within this stone, helping you forge the bond with your baby stronger than ever. 

During pregnancy, this crystal is great for nurturing you and your baby. After pregnancy, this crystal is perfect for helping new mothers heal and relax. This magical stone works well as a long crystal necklace or a simple rose quartz ring.

2. Angelite

For spiritualist mamas who feel a connection to the energy or spirit or guardian angel of their future and current baby’s higher Self. It’s also a great crystal to channel your Higher Self, guardian angels, and ancestors! They all can provide great information and insight during your transition into motherhood. This magical stone works well as a circlet or earrings and is great during all stages of pregnancy.

3. Unakite

Unakite is a perfect stone to have during childbirth. It helps keep you calm and focused on your baby, a.k.a. the love that’s about to enter your life. We recommend that your significant other keep this stone in their pocket as they support you during the last moments of your transition. 

Unakaite is also amazing for promoting the elasticity of your skin! Wear it to help reduce the number of stretch marks; be sure you’re also drinking your daily amount of water.

4. Ruby

Resonating with the root chakra, the deep, red ruby is a great crystal to wear during all stages of pregnancy. During the conception stages, rubies help increase female fertility and decrease male impotence. During pregnancy, it works together with your root chakra to boost your baby’s energy during its growth period. Postpartum, ruby facilitates quick healing. 

5. Moonstone

Pregnancy is an inherently feminine experience; it naturally resonates with the feminine energies of the Moon and the moonstone. Use this crystal to not only promote fertility but also to instill the vibes of the nurturing Goddess that you are. If you’re a natural-birth mama, this stone is perfect for you! 

Also, pregnancy insomnia cure. Enough said. While moonstone necklaces are perfect for daytime wear, we don’t recommend wearing them to bed. Choose other moonstone jewelry, such as anklets, bracelets, or rings.

6. Bloodstone

Did you know that your body makes 50% more blood when you’re pregnant? It’s awesome! So, we recommend carrying a piece of bloodstone crystal with you to help promote the creation of healthy, new blood in your body! 

7. Hematite

Hematite helps with circulation and blood flow through and to muscles, helping them to relax when cramped. So, if you’re finding yourself experiencing any bodily cramps, hang on to a piece of hematite to help ease those pains.

8. Green Aventurine

Open and strengthen that heart chakra to aid in creating the bond between you, your baby, and your new family! Sometimes, we can get frustrated from exhaustion and this beautiful green crystal helps guide us from a place of love.

9. Amethyst

Insomnia is a punk during pregnancy and postpartum. That’s why we recommend the beautiful purple amethyst crystal. Not only does it bring relaxation, but it also helps to protect you and your baby from harmful influences and vibes! Amethyst rings are perfect for wearing during the day, especially if you find yourself hugging your belly! 

At night, tuck a piece of polished amethyst into your pregnancy body pillow! This last technique helps provide protective amethyst’s properties, in addition to giving you positive pregnancy dreams. In fact, you may even have vivid dreams! 

Additionally, amethyst crystals can help with first-trimester pregnancy migraine headaches or headaches in early pregnancy.

10. Black Tourmaline

You’re healing, your baby is growing, and you need all of the positive energy you can get! That means getting rid of the harmful, non-beneficial energy whenever you can! Sage smoke is not always practical or safe around a baby, so to cleanse your space and aura, we recommend carrying black tourmaline on you or in your baby’s diaper bag! Also, pregnancy brain is real; this black stone will help provide more mental clarity!

11. Carnelian

We love all-purpose crystals and items here, and carnelian is our favorite all-purpose pregnancy crystal! This orange-red crystal empowers, strengthens, and heals any organs that are connected to your sacral chakra; this means that your reproductive organs are cared for when you carry carnelian! It’s great for couples who are trying to conceive, future moms who are pregnant, and mothers who are healing from childbirth! We like to place it directly on the belly!

What are your favorite pregnancy crystals and remedies?

Crystals may seem like they’re only usable by practitioners of Wicca or Witchcraft, but in truth, crystals come from our Earth. They’re meant for everyone to work with.

Keep in mind that crystal therapy does not replace hospital or physician care. Always consult your physician before trying any new therapy options before, during, and after your pregnancy. Crystals are not for internal use.

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