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The Waning Moon: Your #WiccanChat Recap

This week on #WiccanChat, we shared our knowledge on the Wiccan magick of the Waning Moon phase! Our Sisters and Brothers of The Craft answered questions about how to use the Waning Moon for magick on Twitter as part of Plentiful Earth’s Wiccan Chat! This was our first Twitter chat, and we look forward to seeing our Pagan Twitter community grow!

Read our magickal recap below, and feel like you were part of the magick! Follow us on Twitter, and be sure to join us every Wednesday at 11am Central time! We cover a new Wiccan topic every week!

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Wiccan Chat What to do during the waning moon spells magick


Q1: How would you describe the purpose of a Waning Moon to someone new to The Craft?

Answers from the Wiccan Community: 

  • “It’s a time when we can focus on removing unwanted things from us! As the light from the moon fades, so will negativity!” @kiza_design
  • “It’s time to release some of that. If you never exhale, you can’t inhale again and the same is true with energy and magick.” @FatFeministWitch
  • “Letting go; Clearing Away; Cleansing; Releasing; Breaking Cycles; Undoing bindings; Making Space” @TheKimaKingdom

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Q2: What types of spells and practices do you do during the Waning Moon?

Answers from the Wiccan Community: 

  • “More of a practice, but I rather engaging in the,”Drawing Down,” of Moon Energy for surviving the days. Full Moon and Wane” @BreakdownGraphx
  • “Honestly? I usually clean my house haha. I also tend to do spiritual cleansing. I’m burning desert sage incense right now!” @FatFeministWitch
  • “I LOVE to clean my house during this time AND focus more on cord-cutting meditations to remove harmful energy connections!” @kiza_design

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Q3: What kind of healing do you love to do during a Waning Moon?

Answers from the Wiccan Community: 

  • “Mindfulness meditation, Shamanic Journeying for answers, and a healing bath: Rose petals, bay leaves, epsom salt, + baking soda!” @kiza_design

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Q4: If you were to cast something out of your life right now, what would it be?

Answers from the Wiccan Community: 

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Q5: If you work with the cycles of the moon, how could you do a spell to gain something in your life during a waning moon?

Answers from the Wiccan Community: 

  • “Repetitive Mantra Chanting, Dreamstate Work, and feeling connected to The Earth And Moon when I am awake at night.” @BreakdownGraphx
  • “Reword/rewrite the spell to remove obstacles so that it can come into your life easier! Pave the way for work during Waxing!” @kiza_design

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Q6: What is your favorite app calendar that helps you keep up with the moon cycles?

Answers from the Wiccan Community: 

  • “Deluxe Moon! It shows moon phase AND sign for sidereal, tropical, and astronomical!” @kiza_design

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Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us! If you missed it, we look forward to seeing you next Wednesday!

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