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Today’s Love Horoscope – August 17, 2023

As the Sun takes its seat of power in Leo, themes of regality and authoritative passion fill the air.

The day speaks of grand gestures in love, all thanks to Venus glowing fiercely in Leo. Mars in Virgo brings an undertone of perfectionism in how we approach relationships, urging us to balance the grandiose with the grounded.

The Moon in Virgo speaks of seeking security and perfection, harmoniously supporting Mars’ drive for precision. Mercury, also in Virgo, ensures that our communication in relationships is spot-on, while Saturn in Pisces calls us to look deeper, challenging our faith and beliefs in love.

Jupiter’s position in Taurus urges stability and indulgence in pleasures. With a myriad of other celestial movements, today is the day to embrace both the fiery passions and the grounded truths in our relationships.


Balance your fiery passion with grounded communication. Seek perfection, but don’t nitpick.


Indulge in life’s pleasures but beware of overindulgence. Groundedness is your ally today.


Your communication skills shine, but seek depth. Today challenges your beliefs in relationships.


Your emotions are at play with a desire for security. Be open, yet discerning.


The limelight is yours. Lead with love, but ensure you also listen with your heart.


Find beauty in details. Balance your need for perfection with accepting love’s imperfections.


Seek harmony in relationships. Embrace passion but stay rooted in your authentic self.


Dive deep into your emotions. Find a balance between passion and practicality in love.


Your beliefs in love are challenged. Seek grounding while exploring love’s grand gestures.


Lead with authority in love but be wary of rigidity. Embrace passion’s ebb and flow.


Seek innovation in love. Ground your rebellious nature with sincere communication.


Your faith in love is tested. Find solace in the balance of fiery passion and grounded truths.

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