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Moon Phase Match: Can This TikTok Trend Really Predict Your Soulmate?

Updated: 4/11/2023: Added new method.

Wondering if your girlfriend or boyfriend is really your soulmate?

According to TikTok, there’s one easy way to find out.

Whether you know it as the #MoonPhaseMatch, #MoonPhaseTrend, or #SoulMateTrend, all hashtags point to one star alignment: your relationship.

What Is The Moon Phase Match Trend?

The moon phase match is trending on TikTok, and according to the Internet age of old, it’s said that if the moon phase on the day you were born plus your partner’s moon phase on the day they were born equals one full moon, then you’re meant to be.

@hi.imchanty #moonphasetrend #soulmatespov #almasgemelas♥️ #birthdaymoonphase #theyintomyyang☯️ @rayray9882 ♬ original sound – 🔛🔝

That’s so sweet!

So, are you and your partner soul mates? Let’s use TikTok to find out!

How To Do The Moon Phase Trend

Time needed: 1 minute

It’s surprisingly simple to do the moon phase soulmate trend. All you need is your birthday, your partner’s birthday, and TikTok.

  1. Open The Create New TikTok Screen.

    Open TikTok and tap that + button at the bottom of your screen.Tap the center icon in TikTok to start making a new video

  2. Select “Effects”.

    Tap the rectangle to the left of the record button to access the “Effects” (aka Filters) catalog.Select effects to start searching for a new tiktok effect

  3. Search For The “Moon Phase Test” Effect.

    Tap the magnifying glass along the top of the “Effects” catalog.
    Type “Moon Phase Test” in the search bar.
    Tap the red camera button to start making your prediction with TikTok.Use the search bar to search for "moon phase test"

  4. Enter Your & Your Partner’s Birthdays.

    Use the date selectors to pick the birth dates of you and your partner.Use the date selectors to pick the birthdays

  5. Hit Record & Freak Out.

    That’s it!

Is The Moon Phase Match Trend Real?

Not exactly, but it’s real fun!

While the Moon is related to our emotions and how we navigate our internal feelings against the external energies of the world, it isn’t the only factor in our birth charts that contributes to the pattern of our lives.

In astrology, a crescent moon in a birth chart tends to reflect a more introverted personality or someone who is highly receptive to external energies.

On the other hand, someone with a gibbous moon tends to be more outgoing or someone who loves to give their energy out.

In that way, these two types of personalities would technically mesh really well together – opposites attract!

But, the moon isn’t the only celestial energy that helps shape who we are. A crescent moon person with fire may mesh very well with a watery crescent moon, or a watery gibbous might be perfectly balanced by a earthy gibbous who is a water-fire cusp.

So, don’t worry if your moon phases don’t match – there are still thousands of great reasons why you and your partner are meant to be!

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