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The Modern Kitchen Witch’s Toolkit

Some say that being a Witch in the 21st century is as easy as pie, and it’s the most open we’ve ever been able to be; however, plenty others would disagree! College Wiccans, closeted Witches, Witches in certain areas of the world, and young Witchlings all struggle to practice their craft in the open and wish there were a better way to be themselves. If you’re currently in hiding, we’ll teach you how to practice in plain sight!

Practicing Kitchen Witchcraft is a great way to cast spells, heal friends and family, or morph energy under the guise of simply living life! If you’re afraid to leave your sacred tools out in the open or have no way to store your tools, simply adopt everyday items to be magickal tools!

The Kitchen Witch is resourceful, crafty, and powerful; with just a wooden spoon, spices, a cutting board, knife, and pot, magick can be created! PS: A Wiccan kitchen doesn’t have to look spooky! Modern, clean, and everyday vibes, like these wonderful modern kitchen ideas from LovMiHome help your sacred space blend in with the rest of them!

Check out our guide to modern appliances, tools, and elements for today’s Kitchen Witch, the Modern Kitchen Witch’s Toolkit!

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The Modern Kitchen Witch’s Toolkit

This list will give you all of the Wiccan and Pagan tools you need to turn your kitchen into a magickal, sacred space! You can turn your everyday objects into items that modern spell books require in your spells! Check it out!

Altar ☸

Dining Table or preparation counter

Empower your dining table to act as your altar, or carve magickal symbols under your countertop to empower the space you prepare food on with magickal energy.

Athame 🔪

Butter Knife

If your sacred space calls for an athame, use a butter knife as a great substitute in Kitchen Witchcraft.

Bell 🔔

Timer, knife and knife sharpener

Certain tones have certain effects on the energies of a space. In ritual, the tone of a bell clears the harmful energies and evokes beneficial energies; simply mimic this sound in the kitchen!

Besom 💨

Broom, Swiffer sweeper, mop, cleaning wipes, natural cleaning products, cleaning towels, sponges, or Roomba

We’re immediately thinking of Mary Sanderson and her vacuum cleaner here! Any item that removes dirt, germs, and grime can act as your besom, due to their similar cleaning and cleansing powers.

Boline 🌿

Chef’s Knife

Need to cut herbs or carve symbols into a magickal ingredient before cooking with it? Your chef’s knife is now your boline!

Book of Shadows 📖

Cookbook, family recipes, iPad, Laptop, Favorite recipe website

Enhance your favorite recipes by adding the ingredient’s magickal correspondences to the margin of your recipe.

Candle snuffer 🕯

Pot lid, “off” on the stove or oven

Just like you would do when snuffing a candle, be sure you thank your elements when covering a pot or turning off a range.

Cauldron 🍳

Pots, High-powered Blender, Kettle, Instant Pot

Traditionally, the cauldron stands for transformation, creation, and rebirth; modern Witches sometimes use it to mix brews for spells, blend spell ingredients, steep teas, and more! Now, your pots, blender, and kettle are your Witchy items.

Chalice 🍷

Measuring cups or drinking cups

Nourishment and love are added to recipes in measuring cups, and life elixirs are delivered through drinking cups; these items easily take the place of a ritual chalice in the kitchen.

Element of Air 🌬

Steam, smoke, or aromatics

Can’t burn incense? Make a simmer pot, acknowledge the power of herbs in your mirepoix, or simply boil water on the stove to invoke the element of Air.

Element of Earth 🌳

Salt, spice, or any food item

Give a stable foundation for your magick by cooking a meal, dish, or simply using seasonings and salt!

Element of Fire 🔥

Stove or oven, matches, grill

Using the oven or the eye of your stove invokes fire into your sacred kitchen space.

Element of Water 💧

Sink, faucet, or filtered water dispenser

The energy of Water is always available in your magickal kitchen via the faucet.

Incense ♨

Spices or aromatics

The scent of cooking spices lets you know that the energy of those ingredients are working towards your spell’s highest good; this acts as your incense.

Mortar + Pestle ⚗

Food Processor, blender, coffee grinder

Grinding herbs for incense, spells, teas, and more can be done in a mortar and pestle or a food processor or blender! Be sure to keep a separate blender or food processor for non-edible magickal items.

Pentacle Plate 🔶

Cutting Board

Items that touch the pentacle plate are blessed; you can empower your cutting board to do the same thing! Almost all foods touch the cutting board when being prepared, so this is a simple way to empower your spell and recipe ingredients!

Offering Bowl 🍚

Serving Bowl

Sachets or Mojo Bags 🍵

Plastic, sealable bags, teabags, teaballs, or reusable silicone tea brewers

Stuff your magickal spell herbs into tea pouches, baggies, or brewers. These secretly look like herb blends, meat rubs, or homemade tea!Whether you leave offerings for spirits, Angels, Deities, or Ancestors, a standard bowl can act as an offering bowl.

Wand 🥄

Wooden Spoon

Move energy around your space or your food with a wooden spoon, instead of a wand. You can carve symbols into the handle, if you’d like!

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