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Talkspace Is Revolutionizing The Therapy Industry

Smartphones have changed a lot of paradigms in modern society. One of the latest paradigm shifts will affect therapy. And on the leading edge of this shift is Talkspace. With Talkspace, you won’t have to go to the office of a therapist to get his help. All you need now is a cellphone and you can get help from a qualified therapist.

Mobile devices might be instrumental in more people being depressed. Just witness the experiences of people who were bashed in social media platforms and because of that they felt miserable and unhappy. A recent study conducted in South Korea revealed that over 10 percent of teens using the internet are in danger of depression. It would just be fitting that their cellphones could also be used as a tool whereby they can recover from their miseries easily.

Therapy is very important for those who are suffering from depression. They need to be turned back to their true selves before anything more serious happens in their minds. In this regard, Talkspace might be the perfect answer. Talkspace makes available to the mentally depressed a mental health professional that the individual can quickly ask for help. The depressed person only has to dial the number of the mental health service provider and he or she can readily expect online assistance with whatever mental problem is being experienced at the moment.

Talkspace offers an easily accessible and very convenient online therapy for troubled individuals. The e-therapy platform that Talkspace offers has several options. Depressed individuals can choose to do it on Skype, complete with audio and video, or they can do it using text messages and chat with the therapist. In terms of usage, Talkspace is claiming that it is now using 1,000 mental health professionals to serve approximately 500,000 users all around the world.

Talkspace, as recent reports reveal, has signed a deal recently with Magellan Health, a giant medical service provider. Pretty soon, clients of Magellan Health will be able to use on-demand psychotherapy from Talkspace. For holders of Magellan Health cards, they will have the option to choose online therapy as part of their healthcare package.

One of the primary benefits of online therapy is saving of time. Visiting a therapist involves so much time. You have to get time off from work, visit the therapist’s office and spend some time with him treating your problem. With Talkspace, you only need to open your cellphone, connect it to the internet, go to the website of Talkspace, choose a therapist and off you go. In effect, using Talkspace will not only save you time, but will also save you money.

A physical session with a therapist normally costs hundreds of dollars. With Talkspace, you will only spend $32 per week. This package will already give you a therapist every day through text messages. You can’t do that in the traditional mode of therapy. If you chose the $39 per week package, you are entitled to two-check ins every day. That could be very expensive in the old-fashion way of psychotherapy.

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