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Magical Properties of Sugar | How to Use Sugar in Spells

The simple sugar granule, a staple in kitchens around the globe, holds far more than just the power to sweeten delicious deserts.

Behind its saccharine visage lies a reservoir of spiritual properties that have been tapped into since ancient times.

Sugar is known for its magnetic energy that can attract both material and spiritual abundance. Here, we delve into the magical properties of sugar and how you can incorporate it into your spells, rituals, and spiritual practices.

How Can I Use Sugar In Spells?

Sugar can be used in a variety of ways in your magical workings. Here are a few methods:

  1. Sweetening Jars: Place a photograph or written intention along with herbs or oils that align with your goals into a jar, filling the rest with sugar to “sweeten” the outcome.
  2. Candle Magick: Sprinkle sugar around your spell candles to amplify your intentions, especially for love or prosperity spells. Be sure to clean up when you’re done to avoid attracting bugs.
  3. Altar Offering: Sugar can be left as an offering to deities, spirits, or ancestors as a sign of hospitality and goodwill. Be sure to clean up your offering to avoid attracting bugs.
  4. Love Spells: Incorporate sugar into love spells to attract a sweet and sincere love into your life.
  5. Prosperity Spells: Sugar’s magnetic properties make it ideal for spells aimed at attracting abundance and wealth.

What Are The Magical Properties Of Sugar?

Sugar is primarily known for its ability to attract. It has the power to bring sweetness not just to your taste buds but also to your life. It has been used in spiritual practices to attract love, prosperity, luck, and positive energies. It also has a grounding effect that can help one focus during meditation or spiritual work.

Complete List Of Magickal Properties Of Sugar

Our complete Materia Magicka contains everything you need to know to work with Sugar in spells, rituals, and healings. Below is a summarized table for your quick reference:

Latin NameSaccharum
Folk NamesSweet Salt, Love Dust
Elemental CorrespondencesEarth, Water
Planetary CorrespondencesVenus
Signs that Rule SugarTaurus, Libra
Deities that Rule SugarAphrodite, Lakshmi, Oshun
Chakras that work with SugarHeart, Root
Sugar’s Magickal PropertiesAttraction, Abundance, Grounding, Love, Luck, Positive Energy, Prosperity, Sweetness

Sugar, with its versatile spiritual properties, can be a potent addition to your spiritual toolkit. Its sweetness can seep into various aspects of your life, drawing love, prosperity, and positive energies towards you. So the next time you sprinkle sugar into your morning tea or coffee, remember, you are invoking its ancient, magical properties.

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