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Magical Properties of Pyrite | How to Use Pyrite in Spells

Known as “Fool’s Gold” for its shimmering golden hue, Pyrite is far more than just a doppelganger for the precious metal we all know. In the world of spiritualism and magick, Pyrite is a cornerstone for grounding, prosperity, and protection.

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a novice to the mystical arts, Pyrite offers a spectrum of magickal qualities to enhance your spells and rituals.

How Can I Use Pyrite In Spells & Manifestation?

Pyrite is particularly versatile in its uses:

  • Prosperity Spells: Many magicians use Pyrite in spells that aim to bring financial success or prosperity.
  • Protection Spells: Given its grounding properties, Pyrite can form a protective shield against negative energies.
  • Divination: Some spiritualists use Pyrite as a focus point for scrying or divination methods.
  • Healing Rituals: Although not a replacement for medical treatments, Pyrite can be used in rituals aimed at metaphysical healing, particularly for issues related to mental well-being and clarity.

What Are The Magical Properties Of Pyrite?

Pyrite resonates with energies that promote strength, courage, and stability.

It can amplify your intentions, making it a useful tool for manifesting your desires into reality. Additionally, Pyrite is often used to attract abundance, making it a favored talisman for those seeking wealth in all its forms—material, emotional, and spiritual.

Complete List Of Magickal Properties Of Pyrite

Our complete Materia Magicka contains everything you need to know to work with Pyrite in spells, rituals, and healings.

MateriaPyrite Spiritual Information
Latin NameIron Disulfide
Folk NamesFool’s Gold, Healer’s Gold
Elemental CorrespondencesEarth, Fire
Planetary CorrespondencesMars, Sun
Signs that Rule PyriteLeo, Aries
Deities that Rule PyriteHermes, Huitzilopochtli, Persephone, Ra, Sol, Suryadev
Chakras that work with PyriteSolar Plexus, Root
Pyrite’s Magickal PropertiesAbundance, Courage, Grounding, Prosperity, Protection, Stability, Strength, Wealth

Pyrite Warnings

While Pyrite is an ally in your spiritual journey, be cautious in its handling:

  • Not for Internal Use: Pyrite should never be ingested, as it contains sulfur and iron compounds that can be harmful.
  • Heat Sensitivity: Pyrite can spark when struck against metal or stone, so be cautious when applying heat or using it in fire-related spells.
  • Spiritual Alignment: Like all spiritual tools, Pyrite works best when it aligns with your intentions. Regularly cleanse and recharge your Pyrite for optimal effects.

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