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Today’s Love Horoscope: August 26, 2023

The Sun in Virgo

The Sun illuminating the precise and analytical sign of Virgo brings forth a time of meticulous attention to detail in love and relationships. Don’t be too nitpicky; instead, use this energy to explore the intellectual and practical sides of love.

The Moon in Capricorn

With the Moon stationed in disciplined Capricorn, there’s a need for structure and long-term planning in your love life. Emotional guard is high, but don’t lock away your feelings entirely. The Moon suggests taking a pragmatic approach to matters of the heart.

Mercury in Virgo

Communication in love becomes straightforward but analytical. With Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, in its own sign, it’s a good day to discuss important relationship matters, but avoid overthinking.

Venus in Leo

Venus in the flamboyant sign of Leo promises a lively atmosphere in love. Passion, flair, and generosity dominate romantic ventures. It’s a day to celebrate love openly.

Mars in Virgo

While Mars is in Virgo, the planet of passion insists that we apply our energies meticulously in love. Consider it a time for relationship ‘spring cleaning’.

Jupiter in Taurus

The expansive energy of Jupiter in the earthy sign of Taurus invites us to build solid foundations in love, focusing on long-term satisfaction and sensual delights.

Saturn in Pisces

The challenge of Saturn in the dreamy and elusive sign of Pisces is to bring your romantic fantasies down to earth. Set realistic boundaries in love.

Other Planetary Influences

With tricky aspects like Sun-Saturn opposition, prepare for possible challenges in love life. The Mercury-Mars conjunction implies intense dialogues. Meanwhile, the Moon-Saturn sextile advises restraint but also commitment.


Embrace the meticulous energy around you. Today is a day to fine-tune your love life and lay down future plans.


Your ruler Jupiter being in Taurus amplifies your desires for stability. Discuss long-term plans with your partner.


Mercury’s influence has you communicating your love clearly, but don’t get lost in the details. Celebrate the big picture.


The Moon in Capricorn nudges you to think practically about love. Talk openly about your long-term emotional needs.


Venus in your sign amplifies your charisma. Today is a perfect day to attract or celebrate love passionately.


With Sun and Mars in your sign, you’re in the driver’s seat in love. Aim for practicality while allowing room for passion.


Saturn’s position nudges you to set boundaries. Your focus today should be on real, not ideal, love.


Today’s energies allow you to dig deep into your emotional and sexual desires. Open up about these with your partner.


The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction brings unexpected joys in love. Be open to surprises.


The Moon in your sign makes this a significant day for you. Make plans but don’t control too tightly.


With Mars in Virgo, your focus is on perfecting the emotional intricacies in your relationship. Stay committed.


Saturn in your sign brings a serious tone. Today, consider what you really want long-term in love and aim for it.

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