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How to Cleanse Tarot Cards and Oracle Decks

Tarot cards are the middle point of the past, present, and future energies and us. These beautiful fortune-telling tools transmute vibrations into tangible symbols that we are able to interpret. Because tarot decks like oysters that filter and transform small pieces into a beautiful pearl, we need to clean our decks quite often to remove excess energies.

So, if you’ve just received your first tarot deck, you’ve been reading from your oracle cards for more than a month, or if you regularly divine for your friends, family, or strangers, you should consider clearing your cards.

Why should I cleanse my tarot deck or oracle cards?

Like all items and beings on this plane, we have our own energy signature. Energy signatures always leave a bit of itself behind after touching or interacting with another being. So, every time someone comes in contact with your psychic tools, they leave a bit of themselves on the tool. The more energy signatures that come in contact with your psychic tool, the more excess, random energy is stored.

This is a problem because tarot cards and oracle decks take energy and transmute it into symbols and answers. So, in theory, you want one energy to come in contact with your deck so that you get the answers for one situation.

If too many people have handled your deck, the cards will display answers for every vibration that it needs to process.

When should I cleanse my tarot cards or oracle deck?

In order to get the most accurate manifestation of answers and symbols, you should cleanse your deck quickly between readings and more thoroughly between large sets of readings or after a large crisis reading.

In order to get the most accurate manifestation of answers and symbols, you should cleanse your deck:

  • Thoroughly when you get them, before your first reading.
  • Quickly with sage or palo santo after each reading.
  • Thoroughly once a month, if you only read for yourself.
  • Thoroughly once a week and monthly under the full moon, if you regularly perform tarot readings for others.

How do I quickly cleanse my tarot cards?

After each reading, you should pass the cards through smoke several times. Use the following cleansing ritual:

  1. Fan out your cards on a table.
  2. Pass a smudge stick or palo santo over them.
  3. Stack the cards.
  4. Pass a smudge stick or palo santo above and below them.
  5. Lay the deck neatly on the table and place a carnelian crystal on top for at least 1 minute or store them in a dark pouch or cloth with a carnelian crystal.

How do I completely cleanse my tarot cards?

If you have just received a new tarot deck, do this thorough cleanse of your cards now. If you give psychic readings for others or others touch your tarot cards, thoroughly cleanse them once a week. If you only read the tarot for yourself, cleanse them once a month. Use the following ritual:

  1. Stack: Go through your entire tarot deck and separate all 78 cards into piles by Major Arcana, swords, cups, wands, and pentacles.
    1. If you’re cleansing an oracle deck, place them in the order that the cards are numbered in.
    2. If the cards do not have numbers, place them in the same order as they are shown in their accompanying book.
  2. Reorganize: Take each stack and place the cards in order by their numbers, starting with 0 for the Major Arcana and Ace for the minor arcana cards.
  3. Sage: Pass each stack through sage or palo santo smoke.
  4. Stack: Stack the cards together in order of Major Arcana, Swords, Cups, Wands, and then Pentacles.
  5. Moon Bath: If you are doing a monthly cleanse, place the cards under the full moon.
  6. Store: Store your cleansed deck in a dark pouch or cloth with a carnelian crystal.
  7. Shuffle: Thoroughly shuffle your cleansed tarot cards to remove any lasting traces of bad vibes.

This cleanses the deck and removes all vibrations and energy signatures that are not beneficial to your current set of readings.

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