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How To Choose Yule Log Wood Based On Intent

Cookies, green and red candles, holiday trees, and yule logs.

What season are you thinking of?

Yule! We hear all the time that Witches should have yule logs, so let’s learn about which logs you can use for this holiday tradition.

The Yule log is a special tradition that many people, including Pagans, celebrate during the Winter Solstice celebrations in order to celebrate the return of the Sun and the blessings it will bring.

Different types of wood are chosen for the Yule log because each kind of wood has its own special meaning and energy. Each different Yule log helps manifest different things in the new year.

So, pick your Yule log wood based on what you want to bring in.

  1. Oak: Oak is strong and powerful, representing the Oak King who is celebrated at Yule. It symbolizes strength, protection, and good luck for the coming year.
  2. Pine: Pine represents peace, healing, and joy. It is also evergreen, reminding people that life continues even in the coldest times.
  3. Birch: Birch symbolizes new beginnings and rebirth. Using birch is like celebrating the new sun and the fresh start that it brings.
  4. Cherry: Cherry wood is used to attract love and affection. It’s all about bringing warmth and love into the home.
  5. Ash: Ash wood is about bringing light and is thought to protect against negative energy. It’s like inviting positivity and driving away darkness.

When Pagans choose the wood for their Yule log, they might pick one that matches what they hope for in the coming year, whether that’s love, a fresh start, or protection. The Yule log is then burned in a fireplace or a bonfire as part of the Yule celebrations, and it’s a cozy, meaningful tradition for many people during the winter season.

Traditionally, you should keep a small piece of the log to light next year’s log.

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