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13 Wiccan Tweets that Spread Positive Energy

“Wicca is nature’s voice, nature’s outlet, and nature’s love.” – Aurora Moone

As spoken by Doreen Valiente in her 1964 speech, Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill, An it harm none do what ye will, the Wiccan Rede implores followers of the religion to not harm anyone or anything, thus encouraging them to do good on all fronts! Wicca is a beautiful religion that is focused on working with and spreading the natural energies that exist in and around our lives. Pair that with Twitter, and we get some very good vibes traveling around the internet, and we don’t want to keep all of those good words of power to ourselves!

We’re going to share 13 of our favorite positive energy tweets from amazing Wiccans around the world!

13 Times that Wiccan and Pagan Tweets Spread Positive Energy

1. Pagan_Fox’s beautiful reminder of our connection to the Earth.

You go girl. Your incredibly in-tune Pagan persona is inspiring to us all! Anyone else feel like they’re sitting in a lush, green field just from reading this?

2. Vesta Bishop’s beautiful Wiccan Sun to Moon Blessing.

I’m feeling the love, and love makes the world go around. Love makes us all be, from the moment of creation to the moment of The Universe we see!

3. Jois The Witch’s reminder that we are beautiful, strong, and adored.

That’s right! Our light in this world is more important than what others think of us! Without our light, the world would be a much darker place. We’re strong, beautiful leaders who inspire others each and every day!

4. Luna Darkshadow’s cozy, nature-inspired tweet that makes us feel right at home.

And we thought that tree-hugging only went one way! 😉 Nature is always here for us, just as we are always here for it!

5. Heather, we’re so glad you feel right at home!

This is a great reminder that we Witches, Pagans, Wiccans, etc. can find loving, Pagan community anywhere! Thank Goddess for the internet!

6. Lady Wicca shows us the true meaning of unconditional love and what being Wiccan truly means!

When we see the universal love, the reflection of ourselves and the universe in others, we understand that help is the largest gift that we can give!

7. Thanks for the beautiful blessings, Witchy Wednesday!

May we never forget the natural gift of kindness and love that Wicca is founded upon! Sending love, light, and magick to everyone without knowing them is just incredibly selfless!

8. THIS! Compliments!

Nothing like a good pick-me-up! We bet Ashe Maree felt fantastic for the rest of the day! One, quick complement has the power to lift up on person! Imagine how we could change the world by giving out 10 compliments, each! Emmy’s got the right idea!

9. Vesta Bishop spreading some love to those who spread love!

We’re so happy about this tweet. It opposes the notion that conjuring is “evil”. Thank you for such a splendid word choice! Keep spreading that positivity!

10. Much love to Maggie Haseman and her #HappinessProject!

Yes! Nature is on the outside giving warm hugs and The Universe is on the inside reminding us of the vast connection we have to everything! We’re truly never alone!

11. Laura! You are our everything, in this moment.

Let this Sunday Inspiration inspire you every step of every day! We’re much more powerful when we are confident within ourselves!

12. Wiccan Wonder’s wonderful teaching.

Wiccans love sharing their blessings and knowledge! We’re grateful for Wiccan Wonder.

13. Dark Luna Shadows reminder that we bring balance.

Optimism is a beautiful talent of Wiccans, and with that power, we’re able to find beauty, love, light, and positivity in all things!

Wiccan’s are incredible people, and we hope that this article helps to brighten the light on such a stunning community of spirituality! Keep following that Wiccan Rede and spread that positivity!

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