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10 Crystals to Help You Sleep like a Child

For empaths, people with ADHD, and people who have a strong passion for life, sleep can be difficult to find! We have 10 crystals in mind to help your mind slow down and welcome a relaxing sleep!

Crystals are excellent tools for altering our energy while we are in the presence of their energy fields. Their vibrations resonate and shift our natural and spatial vibrations and change the energy signatures around us. This helps our bodies react in new ways!

So, be sure to keep your crystals around you, in your pockets, under your pillow, or make and take a gem elixir to get the wonderful benefits of using crystals for curing insomnia!

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10 Crystals to Help you Sleep like a Child

1. Amethyst

Perfect crystal for curing stress-based insomnia Great for worriers

2. Black Tourmaline

Perfect crystal for curing energetic-based insomnia Great for empaths

3. Blue Tourmaline

Perfect crystal for curing tension and stress-based insomnia Great for people with chronic pain

4. Charoite

Perfect crystal for mental-based insomnia. Great for ADD and ADHD sufferers

5. Chrysoprase

Perfect crystal for emotion-based insomnia Great for chronic sadness or depression

6. Hematite

Perfect crystal for high-energy based insomnia Great for ADD and ADHD sufferers

7. Howlite

Perfect crystal for anxiety and anger-based insomnia Great for people with chronic anxiety and those going through anger management

8. Lapis Lazuli

Perfect crystal for success-driven insomnia Great for workaholics

9. Lepidolite

Perfect crystal for curing anxiety and stress-based insomnia Great for worriers

10. Sodalite

Perfect crystal for curing general insomnia Great for nervous energy sufferers Even though this list contains handfuls of crystals, it’s important to not use more than 2-3 stones at a single time. The more vibrations in use, the more muddled the energy can become! Try working with 1 crystal at a time in order to feel the individual benefits of crystal healing. What are your favorite crystals for curing insomnia? Comment below!Copyright 2018 Jennifer “Aurora Moone” McDonald

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