A moment of witchy calm indulgence: savoring coffee and cookies.

1 Minute Mindfulness Exercise: Three Bites of Joy

Being mindful means being totally connected to the present moment. When we are in this present moment, we begin to realize that stress does not exist in this present moment, or the next present moment. Stress only exists when we worry about what may happen the future and when we worry about what has happened in the past. By paying attention to our senses, we practice mindfulness and we root ourselves in the present moment.

In this quick and easy mindfulness technique, we will focus on food and the sensation of taste. Normally, when we eat, we do not savor our food; by taking the time to enjoy what we’re eating, we remind our bodies that there is joy in life, especially in this present moment. Seeing the joy that exists in the present moment helps to reduce life and work stress. Take three bites of your next meal to enjoy mindful eating!

1 Minute Mindfulness Exercise: Three Bites of Joy (1 minute +)

  1. Give yourself permission to relax and really enjoy your meal or snack.
  2. Recognize how delicious your food looks on the plate in front of you. Is it warm and luscious? Is it comforting and nutritious? Is it sweet and delightful?
  3. Take one bite, and really taste that bite. How does it taste? Is it savory? Is it sweet? Is it sour? Is it your favorite flavor in the world? Is the cheese perfectly melted? Does the chocolate flavor dance on your tongue? Really become intimate with that bite.
  4. Take a second bite. Really taste that bite, also. What is the texture? Is it crunchy? Is it melty? Is it perfectly warm? Is it refreshingly cold?
  5. Take a third bite. Really feel that bite. How does it make you feel? Does this meal hit the spot? Does it bring a smile to your face? Does it feel comforting?
  6. Notice how those three bites enhanced your meal! Taking a moment to really savor your dish helps you leave your harmful thoughts and appreciate things in your life that make you truly happy.

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