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Spell to Bring Friendships and Family Back Together

Relationships are comprised of beautiful connections between friends and family, built to act as our personal support teams of love and protection. Whether our meeting in this life is accidental or pre-determined before our life in this cycle begins, the timeline of relationships always holds the possibility of a disagreement, fight, separation, or rift between those involved.

Oftentimes, these rifts are created to help us learn, grow, and move forward in our life, helping us take the lessons along with us for the future. While these arguments can sometimes hurt, they don’t have to last forever! This spell is made to reconnect friends and family who have distanced themselves and forgotten how it feels to have the sacred connection of love.

This spell is perfect for individual people as well as groups of people, friends, and family. It works best for those who have become distanced or have had a “falling out”, time has passed, and now is the time for order to be restored. In essence, this is a great spell to bring people back together.

As with all spells, use a form of divination to decide if a reuiniting spell is perfect for the good of all involved at the present time. The best time to do this spell is during the waxing moon on a Friday (or on a Monday for families that live together!).

Spell to Reunite Friendships and Family

You will need:


  1. Create your sacred space in your usual way. Cleanse/charge your items.
  2. Break the wax white candle into sections, depending on the number of people involved, keeping the wick in tact. The number of times you break the candle wax represents all of the people involved in this rift. Keeping the wick in tact represents the everlasting connection of the people involved. (If there are only two people, including yourself, break the candle in half to create two sides. If there are 5 people involved, break the wax into 5 sections.)
  3. Using the wooden toothpick, carve the one person’s name into one section of the candle. As you do, visualize the energy of Earth grounding any remaining harmful energies of that person, so that they are able to reunite in their most pure state. Do this for each person/section of the candle.
  4. Lay the broken white taper candle on the parchment paper. Say,
    “We have all been through the weather, Now, I bring us back together.”
  5. Light the pink candle and drip the pink wax into the cracks of the white candle. As the pink wax fills and repairs the cracks, visualizes pink, loving energy repairing the rift in your friendship or family. (You can do this by visualizing the people involved as connected by the wick, and that wick begins to turn pink and strengthen. You can also imagine that pink, love energy is connecting everyone together.)
  6. When each piece has been repaired and the wax hardens, visualize the candle surrounded in pink, loving light. Visualize the same about your friends or family. Chant the words,
    “All is healed. All is well. We are reunited, as my words tell.”
  7. When you feel empowered and full of energy, light the candle.
    “An’ it harm none, so mote it be.”/”Amen.”
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5 thoughts on “Spell to Bring Friendships and Family Back Together

    • Aurora Moone says:

      Hi Vanessa!

      Happy Saturday and what a great question! The white candle is the candle that represents your family or friends, so please burn that one for sure. You can choose to burn the pink one down, to bring more loving energy to the spell OR you can choose to keep that candle for another spell that needs loving energy!

      The results will depend on a few things: how strongly you visualized and felt the feeling of togetherness during your spell AND if any lessons have been learned by the separation of family or friendships. Sometimes these things happen for a reason; this spell will speed up the learning of the lesson and bring your family/friends back together.

      – Aurora Moone

  1. melanie sweeney says:

    Hi! Does it have to be a toothpick? Can it be another wooden object like a stick from outside? Just got everything for this and realized I don’t have toothpicks!

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