Plentiful Earth + COVID-19

During these unprecedented times, transparency is our top priority.

By using our website, you agree to understanding the following:

Origin of Distribution Center and Warehouse

Plentiful Earth, LLC.’s merchandise is stored, packed, and shipped by an unrelated third-party distribution center called Azuregreen, located in Middlefield, MA.

Because this distribution center is not affiliated with Plentiful Earth or under Plentiful Earth’s management, Plentiful Earth, LLC. cannot take responsibility for any issues that arise from products ordered and received by shoppers at All product, order, and package liability after purchase is deferred to Azuregreen. 

COVID-19 Safety Precautions

According to the third-party distribution center, all distribution center employees are practicing safe distancing, constant hand washing, sanitization, and mask-wearing in order to ensure that all orders are safely packaged and shipped.

COVID-19 Shipping Timeline

COVID-19 is a time of uncertainty for everyone. Most shipments are currently on hold until “shelter-from-home” is lifted. This date is subject to change depending on local government mandates.