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Altar Pentacle Plate: What It Is & How To Use One

Altar Pentacle Plate: What It Is & How To Use One

A pentacle plate, commonly referred to as an altar pentacle or altar tile, is a ritual tool used within various…

4 months ago

Wiccan Glossary: 100+ Terms For Your Journey Into Wicca

A ● B ● C ● D ● E ● F ● G ● H ● I ● J ●…

6 months ago

How To Become A Witch

In the realm of the mystical and the magical, the journey to becoming a witch is as diverse and multifaceted…

6 months ago

How To Enchant Items For Wiccan Spells & Rituals

Enchanting an item for witchcraft spells and rituals, also known as "charging" or "consecrating" an object, is a personal and…

7 months ago

13 Traditional & Symbolic Samhain Offerings

Wondering what to offer your favorite deities this Samhain? Are pomegranates difficult or too expensive in your area? No worries!…

8 months ago

How To Setup A Samhain Altar [With Photos]

Samhain, pronounced "SAH-win" or "SOW-in," is an ancient Celtic festival celebrating the end of the harvest season and the onset…

8 months ago

The Best Spiritual Candles To Use By Need

Learn which type of candle is the best for: - Meditation - Spells - Manifestation - More!

9 months ago

What Is Sympathetic Magic & How It Can Power-Up Your Spells

In the world of witchcraft, spellcasting, and occult practices, magic comes in various forms. One of the oldest and most…

10 months ago

10 Traditional & Eco-Friendly Ways To Dispose Of Spell Ingredients

Your heart leaps as you can feel exactly how powerful the spell you just cast was. You can feel the…

1 year ago

How To Trim A Candle Wick

Wondering if your spell candle has a spiritual message for you? Is the black soot on the side of your…

1 year ago