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Candle magic is the easiest and most popular type of magic in our world. Manifesting positive vibes, focused intentions, and successful spells is as easy as visualizing and lighting the wick.

Doing these two tasks during rituals is enough to make amazing changes in our physical world!

The energy that the color blue gives off is directly tied to the meaning of the candle, itself.

Meanings Of Blue Candles In Candle Magic

In general, the blue candle’s meanings are linked to relaxation, charisma, harmony, healing, and peace. They work really well in rituals for healing your throat chakra, finding inner peace, reducing anger, and any rituals that are connected to the water element.

Candle color correspondences aren’t very different from magical color correspondences. In fact, if you know how to use the color blue in general magick, you already know how to use blue candles!

You can use any shade of blue for general “blue” magic, but if you have a very specific spell in mind, using a very specific shade can add a little more energy to your manifestations. Each shade has its own specific meaning.

Blue Candle Meaning

Blue candles are used in spells for:

  • Calming.
  • Charisma.
  • Claireloquence.
  • Dream enhancement.
  • Dream interpretation.
  • Forgiveness.
  • Healing fevers.
  • Healing insomnia.
  • Loyalty.
  • Justice.
  • Relaxation.
  • Representing the element of Water.
  • Representing the energy of Jupiter.
  • Restoring balance.
  • Sleep.
  • Truth.

Light Blue Candle Meaning

Use a light blue candle to manifest:

  • Throat chakra (Vishuddhi) healing.
  • Anger management.
  • Clairgustance.
  • Clairsalience.
  • Communication.
  • Harmony.
  • Meditation.
  • Peace.
  • Relaxation.
  • Representing the energy of Mercury.
  • Truth.

Royal Blue Candle Meaning

Royal blue candles should be lit in spells for:

  • Loyalty.
  • Representing the energy of the planet Jupiter.
  • Wisdom.

Dark Blue Candle Meaning

Light a dark blue candle for:

  • Divine healing.
  • Justice.
  • Sleep.
  • Universal truth.

How Do You Use Blue Candles In Spells & Rituals?

  1. Cleanse Your Items: Remove any energies that may have altered the natural, positive vibes of your ritual items. You can pass them through smoke from your favorite cleansing herb bundles, reset their energy with Reiki, or introduce them to the four elements.
  2. Create Your Sacred Space: Using your favorite spiritual cleansing method, cleanse and protect your sacred space. If you’re a Baby Witch or you’re Wiccan, we have an easy Wiccan circle cast tutorial! Go ahead and place your candle in a safe space where it cannot cause fire damage.
  3. Pick What You Want To Manifest: Decide what your goal is for this candle magic ritual. Let’s pretend it’s for charisma because you have a speech or presentation coming up. Decide that you want to give your presentation perfectly. Take a moment and see yourself giving the best speech of your life.
  4. Inscribe Your Candle: Next, draw any sigils or words onto your candle that pertain to your goal. If your goal is a full sentence, you can easily turn that single sentence into a single sigil.
  5. Dress Your Candle: Add any oils or herbs that match your intention to the outside of your candle. For this example spell, you’ve picked a light blue colored candle for communication. You might peppermint oil to the outside of the candle, from top to bottom, and roll it in ground cloves or cinnamon.
  6. Visualize Your Goal: This is the most important part. Take several moments to see yourself having successfully completed your goal. Do not hope things will go well, no. You must literally see yourself having gotten that A+ on your presentation. You must feel how good it feels to know you’ve given the best speech ever.
  7. Light Your Candle: Once you feel super hyped up and completely full of positive energy, light the candle.
  8. Visualize Your Goal: Repeat step 6 until you can’t possibly feel any more excited, and then say, “An’ it harm none, so mote it be.”
  9. Close Your Sacred Space: If you cast a circle of protection, pull the circle up.
  10. Let The Candle Burn Out: Finally, if your candle is in a safe location where you can keep an eye on it, forget all about your spellwork and let the candle burn out on its own. If you have to extinguish it, repeat steps 6-8 the next time you’re able to.

What Color Candle Is For Manifestation?

Many people believe you need a white candle for manifestation. The truth: every candle color is used for manifestation. White candles are “all-purpose” candles, meaning that they are great to use for all goals, especially if you don’t have a specific color.

With magic, however, the more goal-oriented energy you can add, the better. Use specific colors when possible.

What Do Different Candle Colors Mean?

Different spells require different colors of energy. Red candles are often used for power and romance. Yellow candles can be used for happiness, friendship, and inspiration. Purple candles help you open your third eye and increase your psychic ability.

Get a full list of colored candle meanings here.

What Do Candles Represent In Wicca and Witchcraft?

In Witchcraft, Paganism, and the Occult, candles Positive vibes, good spells, and magic, of course!

In reality, candles serve two purposes: intent and the spark of life.

Element Symbolism

Candles represent the element of Fire, the energy of masculinity, life force, and the spark of life.

Bringing fire into your sacred space with candles helps provide your spellwork with the flame needed to kickstart it into being. When paired with the other three elements, fire is a building block of creation.

Candle Symbolism

In short, candles act as a focal point and beacon for your spells. They give you an item to focus on during manifestation, and they act as a bright lighthouse for your spell to find its way back to you.

Can I Use Regular Candles In Spells?

Absolutely! You can use any regular candle in spellwork and rituals! All you have to do is dress the candle and add your intentions!

Dressing A Candle Turns A Regular Candle Into A Spell Candle

A regular candle becomes a spell candle once you apply layers of spell ingredients and positive vibes.

Intent Creates Spell Candles

A regular candle becomes a spell candle once you apply positive vibes and visualization.

Where Can I Buy Blue Spiritual Candles?

Plentiful Earth (that’s us!) sells blue spell candles of all shapes and sizes! As always, enjoy your spiritual growth and happy spell-casting!

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