Algiz Rune: History & How To Unlock Its Protective Power

Looking for spiritual protection?

Seeing the letter “Y” a lot and wondering if there might be a reason?

Need a quick candle spell for protection?

One of our favorite ancient symbols for protection is the Elder Futhark rune Algiz.

You should try adding this rune into your spiritual practice to amp up your psychic protection.

Let’s get acquainted with its energy by learning the history of this rune and then, we’ll dive into how to use it on your spiritual journey.

What Is The Elder Futhark?

The Elder Futhark is an ancient runic alphabet used by the Germanic peoples before the adoption of the Latin alphabet.

“Futhark” comes from the first six letters of the runic alphabet, which are “f, u, th, a, r, k.”

Overall, the Elder Futhark contains 24 runes, each with its own unique meaning and symbolism.

In a more modern version of the runes, you may see a 25th blank rune, but today, we’ll just focus on Algiz.

What Is Algiz?

Algiz, also known as Elhaz or Eolh, is the 15th rune in the Elder Futhark.

It is often associated with protection, defense, and guidance.

Algiz’s shape is said to resemble an outstretched hand or a pair of antlers, both of which are symbols of strength and protection.

In Norse mythology, Algiz is associated with the god Heimdallr, who is the watchman of the gods and is said to be able to hear the grass grow and see for hundreds of miles.

Heimdallr is also associated with the rainbow, which is said to be his bridge to Asgard, the realm of the gods.

What Can I Use Algiz For On My Spiritual Path?

The Algiz rune is often used in Norse witchcraft and spiritual practices.

You can use Algiz for:

  • Protection.
  • Guidance.

In spellwork, you can use it to:

  • Protect yourself from harm.
  • Ward off negative energy.
  • Call upon the guidance and protection of Heimdallr.

How Can I Use Algiz In Spells?

To use the Algiz rune in spellwork, you can:

  • Carve it into candles.
  • Draw it on parchment or paper.
  • Wear it as a talisman or amulet.
  • Trace it onto your skin before rituals.
  • Draw it on entrances into your home.
  • Visualize the rune on the 4 sides of your home for protection.
  • Meditate on the Algiz rune to connect with its protective and guiding energy.
  • Visualize it on all sides of your aura.
  • Draw it nightly into the fog of your bathroom mirror after a shower.

What Does Algiz Mean In Divination?

In addition to its use in spellwork, the Algiz rune can also be used in divination.

If Algiz shows up in your spread of runes, it can mean:

  • Protection and guidance, if it is right-side up.
  • Illness, incoming harm, and need for protection, if it is reversed.

In trance meditations, you can use it as your focus to uncover how to best move forward in any scenario.

Overall, the Algiz rune is a powerful symbol of protection and guidance in Norse witchcraft and spiritual practices. Whether you are a beginner spiritualist, witch, or Norse witchcraft practitioner, the Algiz rune can be a valuable tool for enhancing your spiritual practice and connecting with the protective energy of Heimdallr.

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