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Your Best 2020 Supermoon Calendar

When is the next supermoon? Did you see the last supermoon? You may be wondering when the next best night for moon baths is, to see your beautiful moonflowers bloom, or to cast full moon spells is. Read on to find out when the next date is. 

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What is a Supermoon?

Even if you spell it “super moon”, supermoons occur when its position during its elliptical orbit is closest to Earth. This means that when the moon is full and at the closest approach to earth, the moon will appear to be 14 – 30% larger than the average full moon. In science terms, the term “supermoon” is used to name the moon at perigee. 

For perspective, when the moon seems to be very small, this means that the full moon is at its farthest point from earth, during its elliptical orbit. The moon’s oval-shaped orbit affects how large the moon appears from Earth.

How many Super moons are there in 2020?

There are estimated to be 3-4 giant moons this year. That means if the clouds cover up your view of one of these beautiful scenes, you still have 2-3 times left to be amazed by our bright, white satellite!  

When are the 2020 Supermoons?

The 2020 supermoon dates are as follows: 

  • February 9: Snow Moon
  • March 9: Worm Moon
  • April 8: Pink Moon
  • May 7: Flower Moon

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