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Glass jars filled with dried herbs on a wooden shelf
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13 Powers Money Jar Spell

Best time to cast: During the hour of Jupiter
Best Moon phase to cast: Full Moon or Waxing Moon
Best day to cast: Thursday
Prep Time0 mins
Active Time30 mins
Total Time30 mins
Keyword: Jar Spells, Money Spells


  • 1 Glass Jar to contain the microcosm of your spell, which reflects the macrocosm of your life
  • White Sugar to allow the spell to work in the sweetest way possible
  • 1 piece Brown Paper to ground your intention in this realm
  • 1 Gold Marker to write your intention with the manifestation power of the Sun
  • 1 lock Your Hair to represent you surrounded by money energy
  • 1 Magnet, Lodestone, or Gold Magnetic Sand to attract energies toward you
  • Your Local Currency to represent tangible money
  • Allspice to speed up your spell
  • Basil for money
  • Bay Leaf for money and enhancement of wish magick
  • Cinnamon for money and quick wealth
  • 1 sprinkle Water to ensure fluid motion of manifestation
  • 1 Green Candle to seal jar and add wealth energy



  • Use white sage to raise yourself, your sacred space, and your ingredients to their highest, most pure level. As you cleanse each item, state what you will use it for in the spell.

Create Sacred Space

  • Create a sacred space in your favorite way. Don’t know how? Check out this simple circle casting ritual to keep your spellwork protected!

Cast: Once you’re safe and surrounded by your favorite deities, it’s time to start the spell. With each step below, it’s important to truly visualize yourself with the money you need.

  • Place a layer of sugar into your jar. State what the sugar is for. If you're using magnetic gold sand, alternate layers of sugar and sand.
  • Using the gold marker, write your exact money need onto the brown paper.
  • Place your lock of hair in the center of the brown paper. State what the hair is for.
  • Place the magnet on top of your hair. State what the magnet is for.
  • Place your currency on top of the magnet. State what the dollar bill is for.
  • Fold the brown paper towards you, around those items, three times. Place it into the jar. See, feel, and know that money will come to you.
  • Add the cinnamon, sprinkle of water, basil, bay leaf, allspice to the jar, stating what each is for.
  • Fill the rest of the jar with sugar. State what the sugar is for. If you're using magnetic gold sand, alternate layers of sugar and sand.
  • Close the jar and seal it with green candle wax.


  • Hold the jar and visualize green light filling the jar and filling yourself. Then, visualize the outcome of your spell, as if it’s already happened. When you feel like you have achieved it in your mind’s eye, say, “An it harm none, so mote it be!”

Open Your Circle

  • Thank your deities and open your circle. Clean up your sacred space.

Spell Upkeep

  • Hold the jar and repeat the visualization once a day until your money comes into your life. It may be a little at a time, so be sure to save the money in a savings account

Keep the Jar

  • Keep the jar until you have received your money and spent it. You can then repeat the daily visualization to get more money or you can dump the contents into your compost pile or offer it to nature as thanks and create a new one, next time you are in need.