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  • Connect with nature's wisdom 🌳
  • Explore spiritual transformation 🦋
  • Harness wilderness energy 🌕

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  • Great for all levels of tarot reader 🔮
  • Beautifully illustrated cards 🎴
  • Includes 78 cards and a guidebook 📖
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This Premier Edition of the Thoth Tarot Deck is designed to provide you with all you need to learn how to read the Thoth tarot. This set enables you to enhance the readings you already perform, as well as open your psyche up to new interpretations and knowledge! This set comes with a 48-page booklet by [...]

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  • Contains deep Kabbalistic and astrological symbolism ☀️
  • Great Samhain gift 🎁
  • 3 3/4" x 5 1/2" cards 📏
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  • Perfect for beginners 🎴
  • Contains the traditional Rider-Waite symbolism 🌟
  • Updated and better than the original 🔮

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  • Silver, metallic edges 🤍
  • Focus: Feminine Wisdom 🌙
  • 78-cards 🎴

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  • A beautiful, friendly deck 💗
  • Great for advanced readers 🔮
  • 78 card tarot deck 🃏
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  • The beautifully illustrated images help tremendously with recalling each card's meaning! 👁️
  • A perfect gift for your favorite Green Witch! 🌳
  • 78-card deck and accompanying book 📖
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  • Spot on readings and art 🔮
  • Perfect for lovers of the original story 🐰
  • Comes in a collectable tin ⭐
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  • Great for Norse Practitioners 🌳
  • Ranked as the best Norse cards 🎴
  • 81 cards + book ⭐
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Tarot readings depend on interpretation; they offer guidance rather than concrete predictions.

Yes, but ensure you approach it with an open mind. Sometimes, when we're too close to the question we want answers to, we tend to force our own hopes onto what's really in the cards.

It varies by individual. Some seek daily guidance, while others consult during significant life events.

Trick question: We believe everyone has natural psychic abilities. That being said, tarot is about intuition, knowledge, and interpretation.

It depends on your personal practice. Some store their tarot cards in a silk cloth or a wooden box to preserve their energy. We like to store ours in a tarot bag with a carnelian, amethyst, or ametrine crystal.

They provide insights and probable outcomes based on current energies.

Every card offers wisdom. 'Negative' cards highlight areas requiring attention or come as a different way to explain an outcome. For instance, the Death tarot card doesn't mean physical death; instead, it can mean the end of a project, problem, or situation. 

You can shuffle the tarot any way you'd like; the key is to shuffle with intention.

Yes, with dedication and practice, anyone can learn.