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  • Great for connecting with spiritual realms 🔮
  • Burn during Samhain 🧡
  • 13 incense sticks ♨️
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Used in Native American ceremonies for generations, Sweetgrass is traditionally great for balancing, purification, and healing rituals. When burned, this Sweetgrass Braid invites positive, blessed, beneficial energies to your sacred space. This beautiful braid measures 18″. Wondering how to burn a Sweetgrass Rope? Click here for a quick tutorial!


  • Easier to read than traditional tarot cards 🎴
  • Ghoulishly gorgeous + a perfect gift for Samhain! 🔮
  • 36 card deck ⭐
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  • A perfect Samhain twist 💀
  • Gold-edged cards ✨
  • Includes 128-page guidebook 📖


  • See the Greenman in every card 🌳
  • Great info on Druidry 📗
  • 25 cards and a 128-page guidebook 📖
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  • Great Sabbat feast decor 🍗
  • Help protect altar tables from wax and ash 🕯
  • 72" x 21" 📏


This Tree of Life Ouija-Board Altar cloth was inspired by the travel up and down the World Tree to gather information. This altar cloth was designed to aid your pendulum work, divination, and dowsing and measures 24″ x 30″.


This beautiful, rotatable Wheel of the Year plaque is created with an amazing array of detail, which has been hand picked for each specific Pagan and Wiccan holiday. The names of each major and minor Sabbat is carved into each spoke of the Wheel, leading to each holiday. This plaque has a wall hanger mounted [...]


  • Amazingly Witchy 🔮
  • Silver-coated sides that resonate with the Moon 🌕
  • 48 large, easy to read cards + book 📖
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