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Hecate is the Greek Triple Goddess, and her triple goddess form is shown on this Hecate Necklace! This amulet depicts her torches, key, serpents, and three heads. Wear this necklace when you need help and guidance at crossroads and when you need assistance in seeing all sides of a situation. This pewter amulet measures 1 1/4″ [...]


Hecate, daughter of Perses and Asteria and Greek Goddess of magick, sorcery, witchcraft, crossroads, and knowledge, is depicted here in beautiful hand-painted resin. This Hecate Statue features the goddess wrapped in a snake, holding a wing in one hand and a skull-topped staff in the other. Her body is adorned with pentacles, the triple goddess [...]

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This beautiful 8” x 5” x 4” box features Hecate’s Triple Pentacle carved into the top, each pentacle symbolizing a different side of the Goddess.

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  • A Guide to Ancestral Veneration 🙏
  • Respectful and accessible to all religions 💜
  • 218 pages 📖
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Measuring 12″ in overall height, this beautifully cast Bronze Ishtar Statue features the Mesopotamian goddess standing atop two lions. Perfect for Samhain, she is the Queen of the Heavens who descended into the underworld, giving up a possession of herself in order to find her true self. She can act as a guide to your [...]

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Crafted from cold-cast resin, this Magickal Cat & Mouse Stick Incense Holder portrays a black cat who peers down at a small mouse as it tries to hide behind a star-encrusted cap on this fine crafted and fun stick incense holder. Measuring 4” in height, this makes a great gift and addition to any Witch’s [...]


  • Excellent for psychic dreams 😴
  • Tuck under your pillow at night 🌙
  • 2 ounces ⚖
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  • Great for reclaiming your power ⭐
  • Represents new beginnings with the waxing moon 🌙
  • Pewter. 🌟
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  • Makes a great quill 🪶
  • Use for creativity petition spells 🧡
  • 12" dyed turkey feather 📏
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  • Perfect for Mabon or Samhain decoration 🎃
  • Use for creativity or courage spells 🧡
  • 9" x 1.5" 📏
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This beautiful sphere of highly polished orange selenite makes a perfect crystal ball for Mabon and Samhain! This crystal ball measures 2″ – 3″ in diameter.

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  • Great for your ancestor altar 🧡
  • Helps create a connection to higher planes 👁️
  • 2.75". From Morocco 🇲🇦
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Orange Taper Candles are often representative of fire, or the sun, and are used within candle magic and similar ritual practice to represent their qualities. This taper candle measures 6″ x 5/8″.


Practitioner of psychic prowess? Have a love for the energies of beyond? So do we! That’s why we’re so excited to offer this Ouija Board Planchette Necklace! Don’t worry; it’s not haunted. This stunning Ouija Board Planchette Necklace features the classic “Yes”, “No”, and “Goodbye” that we’ve come to love on the spirit board. That’s [...]


  • Perfect for Samhain 🎃
  • Great addition to tarot tables 🎴
  • Measures 24" x 30" 📏
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  • Perfect for Samhain 🎃
  • Use in romance spells 💕
  • 20 candles. 4" x .5" 📏
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