Lammas | Lughnasadh

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Also known as “Sandal Incense Cones”, HEM presents its Sandal Incense Cones, which come 10 to a pack with a metal incense burner included. Imbued with the sweet, gentle fragrance of sandalwood, they are a delight upon the altar and within the home.


Used for centuries for purification in spiritual and meditative ritual, the scent of the sandalwood in this Sandalwood Palm Oil Votive Candle is a warm, soothing presence in any room where it is burned.


  • Great Sabbat feast decor 🍗
  • Help protect altar tables from wax and ash 🕯
  • 72" x 21" 📏


Shaped in a style similar to a taper candle, this tall Yellow Pillar Candle is a wonderful addition to the sacred space or home, offering bright radiance and clarity within your candle magic.


Burn this beautiful Yellow Sandalwood Powder for protection and healing rituals to raise your spiritual vibrations. The yellow color of this sandalwood powder makes this perfect for Lammas or Lughnasadh celebrations!

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Yellow taper candles are often used within candle magic and similar ritual practice as uplifting and energetic additions to spells, and the clarity they provide is great for divination. This taper candle measures 6″ x 5/8″.