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Perfect for loose tea, this Tea Ball Strainer holds the perfect amount of herbs and tea to brew the perfect cup of infusion or tea! Simply fill the ball with your favorite blends and suspend it into your cup of hot water. Pull it out when its ready and never worry about straining your tea👉

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A favorite amongst “Green” Witches, these Reusable Cotton Tea Bags are perfect for brewing infusions, decoctions, or for use as bath herb sachets! Simply fill the pouch with your favorite herbs, pull the drawstring, and suspend in hot water! When you’re done, empty the pouch and wash it like you would any cotton item! Reusable,👉

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Brew a magickal cup of tea with this beautiful Triple Moon Cast Iron Tea Kettle! This cast iron teapot comes with a lid and features a triple moon symbol on its face. 4″ x 2 3/4″ x 2 3/4″ are the measurements of this stunning kettle.