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  • Promotes good circulation ❤️
  • Banishes harmful energy ⚡
  • Elastic band ⭐
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  • Magically crafted for abundance 💵
  • A great Lammas gift 🎁
  • Double-terminated blue goldstone ⚡️
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  • Visualize yourself having all of the answers 💙
  • Great for helping older children make good decisions 👍
  • 1" long. Comes with cord. 📏

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  • Greate for natural happiness ⭐
  • Reduces anxiety 💙
  • One size fits most 📏
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  • Perfect for healing the throat chakra 💙
  • Known as the crystal of communication 🗣️
  • One-size-fits-most 📏
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This beautiful pendant celebrates Brigid (or Bridget), the Irish Goddess of Hearth, Home & Smith. Crafted from sterling silver, this pendant measures 3/4” x 3/4″ and does not come with a chain.

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Here at Plentiful Earth, we love this charm! Cast in bronze, the image of the Witch’s Broom, or besom, reminds us to sweep away all harmful energies that do not serve our highest good. Gift this beautiful charm to Witch or Wiccan that you feel needs this Bronze Besom Necklace in their life! Measures 1/4″ [...]

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Display the sign of the five elements proudly with this beautiful Bronze Pentacle Necklace! Perfectly interwoven, this pentacle is crafted with a rustic look. Measures 1″ in diameter and has cord.

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The Mighty Stag, symbol of the Green Man, Green God, Cernunnos, etc. makes his appearance upon this beautiful Bronze Stag Pentacle Necklace. Made from brass, this pentacle measures 1″ in diameter and comes with a cord.

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Molded into the shape of Thor’s Hammer, this ornate and detailed version of Mjolnir makes a great gift for any Witch, Heathen, Wizard, or lover of Norse lore! This amulet measures 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″. Has cord.

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Crafted from leather, bone hair beads, metal beads, and glass beads, this beautiful Brown Beaded Bone Choker Necklace makes a great hidden talisman for protection. The length of this choker is 24″ and the width is 1″.


  • Constantly cleanses your aura 🥚
  • Feel more optimistic ☀️
  • Elastic. One-size-fits-most 📏


This Butterfly Black Obsidian Bracelet is a powerful power bracelet made from natural cut and polished obsidian beads and features a pewter butterfly charm. This bracelet is a one size fits most that features an elastic band. The beads measure 1/4″, the charm measures 3/4″, and then unstretched bracelet measures 2 1/2″in diameter.


  • Spirit Animal Medicine: Good fortune 🍀
  • Enchant and wear for happiness, true love, and more 💖
  • Elastic band. One-size-fits-most 📏