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  • Carry protection wherever you go ⚪
  • Get into a meditative state easier 🧘
  • 2 1/8" long 📏
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  • Great for keeping your aura clean ⚪
  • Wear to keep office drama away ⚡
  • Elastic: One-size-fits-most 📏
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The triple moon symbol of the goddess overlaid on a pentacle creates this beautiful, pewter Triple Moon Pentacle Necklace. The stone in the center varies and is chosen by random. Ready to wear, this pendant comes with a cord and measures 1″ in diameter.

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This Sterling Silver Triple Moon Pentacle Necklace makes a perfect gift for your favorite Wiccan! Formed of sterling silver with a back set with enamel, this measures 3/4″ x 3/8″ and comes ready to wear with a cord.


  • Great for meditative journeying 🙏
  • .925 sterling silver from India 🇮🇳
  • 1.25" in length 📏
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Turquoise has the natural ability to stop fights, cool off energies, create peace, and increase charisma! Resonating with the fifth chakra, this Turquoise Bead Power Bracelet makes a great gift for Witches who wish for the gift of gab! These synthetic, polished beads measure 1/4″ and are on a 6″ elastic string.


  • Great for happiness spells ✨
  • Perfect for balancing the third eye 👁️
  • 8mm beads; one-size-fits-most 📏
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The Wicca Stability Necklace is made of an amulet of protection and stability, displayed by a pentagram encircled within a braided crescent moon. This necklace reminds you that you are always stable in the energies of the God, the Goddess, and the Elements. By wearing this you find strength and stability within yourself. The amulet [...]


  • Spiritual Uses: Communication, Spiritual Connection 😇
  • Materials: Opalite, metal wire, silver-tone chain 💎
  • Size: Approx. 2" pendant. 20" chain 📏

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  • Easily make a wisdom talisman 👁
  • Visualize, light candle, wear necklace! 🕯
  • Remove wrapper and necklace from around candle before lighting 🔥


  • Increase intuition 👁
  • Become more creative 🖌
  • 32" 📏