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  • Perfect for connecting with Spirit Guides ☀
  • Wear when doing energy healing ⚡
  • Each piece is unique ✋
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  • Perfect for all-day healing! 🙏🏼
  • Great for aligning your chakras! 🌈
  • 2" long, no chain 📏
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  • Moon-bathed 🌙
  • Great for healing and protection ⚪
  • Approximately 1.5" long 📏
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  • Align your chakras automatically 🌈
  • Copper beads may help with joint pain, cardiovascular health, and more ✨
  • 8mm beads. One-size-fits-most elastic band 📏


  • Great as a protection charm ⚪
  • 8mm beads. Elastic, one-size-fits-most 📏
  • Mined from main deposit in Shunga, Russia 🇷🇺


  • Wear to boost immune system ⭐
  • Also known as the "Stone of Life" ⚡
  • 18" long with clasp 📏
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  • Helps heal the immune system! 💪
  • Balances mind and emotions 🧠
  • Various shapes/sizes. From Russia 🇷🇺
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Add some glamor to your amulets and talismans with this Silver Plated Figaro Necklace Chain. This chain measures 20″ in length and is made of silver-plated brass.

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Stars and Moons are a Witch’s favorite shapes, and now that Witch can have both with this gorgeous Silvertone Anklet with Stars and Moons! Measuring 10″ in length, this anklet makes a fantastic gift for any Witch, Wiccan, or Pagan of any age! This anklet is silver-plated pewter.


Enhance your sacred space clearing with this Silvertone Anklet with Bells! Measuring 11″, its a perfect fit for any Witch who takes love and care when cleansing and clearing her home. The sound and vibration of bell tolls clear neutralize and raise harmful energies to their highest point, and the tone of the bells attracts [...]

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Inscribed with runes, this Simple Bronze Thor’s Hammer Necklace evokes the Norse powers of the son of Odin. Gift this necklace to yourself, or your Heathen and Pagan friends, today! This necklace measures 3/4″ x 1″ and comes with a black cord.


  • .925 Sterling Silver 🌙
  • Measures 5/8" in diameter ⚪
  • Beautifully subtle ✨
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Ground all energies that do not serve your highest good in order to make room the messages of the Angels with ease by wearing this Smoky Quartz Angel Pendant! Be sure to cleanse, clear, and charge it to your purpose! Carved from solid smoky quartz, this pendant measures  1 1/4″ x 3/4″.


Awaken your voice to speak to the Angels with ease by wearing this Sodalite Angel Pendant! Be sure to cleanse, clear, and charge it to your purpose! Carved from solid sodalite, this pendant measures  1 1/4″ x 1/2″ and will be great for increasing the energies of the throat chakra.


  • Helps heal the throat chakra 💙
  • Wear during meditation 🙏
  • Elastic: one-size-fits-all 📏
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Many spells have you carry a specific stone on your person, and what better way to carry the energies of sodalite with you everywhere you go than with this Sodalite Tumbled Stone Bracelet! Strung onto an elastic band, one size fits most, and the stone sizes vary from the average 3/8″ slightly. 3″.