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This Pentacle Sterling Silver Necklace consists of a small and simple interwoven pentacle. Measuring 3/4″ in diameter, this pendant has a cord and is crafted from sterling silver.

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  • Radiate Positive Energy 🌞
  • Enhance Spiritual Practice 🙏
  • Ward Off Negativity 🛡️

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  • Moonlight & Reiki Infused 🌙
  • Makes an amazing gift 🎁
  • Comes with 1 unique wire-wrapped quartz, cord, and info card 💎

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Call out to Raven to aid you in guarding your secrets, overcoming obstacles, and otherwise aiding you in your daily trials by using and wearing this Raven Totem Amulet Necklace. Made in USA, this pewter amulet comes with a cord and measures 1″ x 1″.

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Rose Quartz promotes love, happiness, fidelity and forgiveness. When worn, this Rose Quartz necklace encourages compassion, attracts new love, and promotes peaceful energy.

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  • Moon-bathed 🌙
  • Great for healing and protection ⚪
  • Approximately 1.5" long 📏
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  • Wear to boost immune system ⭐
  • Also known as the "Stone of Life" ⚡
  • 18" long with clasp 📏
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Inscribed with runes, this Simple Bronze Thor’s Hammer Necklace evokes the Norse powers of the son of Odin. Gift this necklace to yourself, or your Heathen and Pagan friends, today! This necklace measures 3/4″ x 1″ and comes with a black cord.

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This Theban Pentacle Black Onyx Scrying Necklace is engraved with a pentacle and the Theban runes on one side. The other side holds a half globe of black onyx, perfect for scrying on the go. This necklace is reversible, is made from pewter and onyx, has a cord, and measures 1 1/4” in diameter.

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Cast from solid bronze, this intricately detailed Thor’s Hammer Necklace makes a perfect gift for any Heathen or Witch who loves the Norse Pantheon! This hammer measures 1″ in length and comes with a cord.

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This stunning bronze talisman is crafted in the shape of Thor’s Hammer and is engraved with both the beautiful triquetra symbol and the Elder Futhark runes. This talisman measures 1 1/2″ x 1 1/4″ and comes with a black cord.

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The triple moon symbol of the goddess overlaid on a pentacle creates this beautiful, pewter Triple Moon Pentacle Necklace. The stone in the center varies and is chosen by random. Ready to wear, this pendant comes with a cord and measures 1″ in diameter.

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This Sterling Silver Triple Moon Pentacle Necklace makes a perfect gift for your favorite Wiccan! Formed of sterling silver with a back set with enamel, this measures 3/4″ x 3/8″ and comes ready to wear with a cord.

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The Wicca Stability Necklace is made of an amulet of protection and stability, displayed by a pentagram encircled within a braided crescent moon. This necklace reminds you that you are always stable in the energies of the God, the Goddess, and the Elements. By wearing this you find strength and stability within yourself. The amulet [...]

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  • Spiritual Uses: Communication, Spiritual Connection 😇
  • Materials: Opalite, metal wire, silver-tone chain 💎
  • Size: Approx. 2" pendant. 20" chain 📏

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  • Easily make a wisdom talisman 👁
  • Visualize, light candle, wear necklace! 🕯
  • Remove wrapper and necklace from around candle before lighting 🔥

How can Pagan jewelry help you?

Part of the beauty of magickal, Wiccan jewelry is its ability to keep you protected without having to constantly cast spells. Buy a necklace that has one of these 6 protection symbols, empower it with its job to protect you, and wear it daily!

What’s the best first necklace for a Wiccan?

Pentacle necklaces are always a great choice for a new, baby Witch! The pentacle symbolizes all of the elements of creation - Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. Having these five elements on you at all times helps you stay grounded and in the moment. You’ll also be able to manifest small wins throughout the day!

I'm a new Witch. Should I get a sterling silver, pewter, or crystal necklace?

Each material gives the necklace a different power. Sterling silver necklaces are great for increasing psychic awareness, feminine energies, and protection. Pewter necklaces are amazing for keeping your energies grounded and your aura clean. Crystal necklaces vary in their powers, depending on what crystal you buy!