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  • Energizes the heart chakra 💚
  • Makes a great gift for Yule 🔥
  • 8mm beads. One-size-fits-most 📏
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  • Perfect for balancing your energy 🙏
  • Great for removing harmful influences! ⚡
  • 6mm beads, one-size-fits-all 📏
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  • All natural Tiger's Eye 🐯
  • One size fits most 💁🏽‍♀️
  • 3/4" Sun Charm 🌞
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Have you ever wished you could carry your pendulum on you in a more efficient manner? We have, too! That’s why we’re carrying this Tiger’s Eye Pendulum Bracelet! This traditional tiger’s eye pendulum comes with a clasp for you to loop this pendulum right around your wrist! Additionally, the 8 beads along the pewter chain [...]


Protect yourself with the eye of the tiger! This Tiger’s Eye Bead Power Bracelet features highly polished tiger’s eye beads, which measure 1/4″ in diameter which are strung onto a 6″ elastic cord.


  • Great for keeping your aura clean ⚪
  • Wear to keep office drama away ⚡
  • Elastic: One-size-fits-most 📏
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Turquoise has the natural ability to stop fights, cool off energies, create peace, and increase charisma! Resonating with the fifth chakra, this Turquoise Bead Power Bracelet makes a great gift for Witches who wish for the gift of gab! These synthetic, polished beads measure 1/4″ and are on a 6″ elastic string.


  • Great for happiness spells ✨
  • Perfect for balancing the third eye 👁️
  • 8mm beads; one-size-fits-most 📏
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