Herbs For Spells

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Traditionally used to maintain a romantic partner, Saltpeter stimulates loyalty and strengthens the connections between people. Sometimes called Salt Petre, it’s also useful for purification & banishment.


  • Perfect for spells and teas for relaxation 🍵
  • Wonderful for keeping people close to you! 👪🏽
  • This is 1 ounce of skullcap.
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Sea Salt is the ultimate Witches’ tool. Used to cleanse, purify, and protect, salt absorbs all harmful energies and cleanses them, making your sacred space, favorite tools, scrying mirrors, and more suitable and pure for empowering! Salt is a must! Granules typically measure between 1/16 and 1/4 of an inch.


Believed to be potent when used in the creation of magical seals and binding spirits, Solomon’s Seal Root is also used as an aphrodisiac and in love spells. This is a 1 pound order of Solomon’s Seal root.


  • Great as an ingredient in tea 🫖
  • Use in success spells 💚
  • 2 ounces ⚖️
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  • Great for boosting energy ☀️
  • Perfect for dream magick 😴
  • Bulk order of spearmint 🍃
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Spearmint is an element that vibrates with the energy of Air. Used for invigorating for the mind, senses, and psychic awareness, this dried spearmint is useful in dream and mojo bags to call positive bright energy. This is a 1 ounce bag of Spearmint.


  • Use when evoking Apollo or Mercury 🕯
  • Perfect for increasing psychic ability 🔮
  • 1 ounce by weight ⚖


  • Bulk order of Star Anise ⭐
  • Perfect for protection and meditation 📿
  • 1 lb of dried seeds and pods
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  • Wonderful for healing rituals ⚡
  • Wards off the evil eye 🧿
  • 2 ounces ⚖️
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  • Use in spells for love and desire 💞
  • Great in beauty salves 💄
  • 1 ounce by weight ⚖️
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  • Use in spells to help uncover relationship issues 💞
  • Great for dressing love spell candles 🕯
  • 2 ounces by weight ⚖
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  • Forces negative energies away ⚡
  • Great for banishing spells 🔥
  • 1 ounce of powder ⭐
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Used in Native American ceremonies for generations, Sweetgrass is traditionally great for balancing, purification, and healing rituals. When burned, this Sweetgrass Braid invites positive, blessed, beneficial energies to your sacred space. This beautiful braid measures 18″. Wondering how to burn a Sweetgrass Rope? Click here for a quick tutorial!

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  • Perfect for burning powdered and resin incense ✨
  • Safe for indoor use 🏡
  • Always use a heat-proof bowl ⚡️
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