Bath Salts

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  • Perfect for a pre-ritual cleansing bath 🛀
  • Removes toxins, smooths cellulite & more ⭐
  • 2 lb by weight ⚖


Blended by AzureGreen, this select blend of Protection Bath Salts consist of salts, herbs, and aromatic oil has been charged with energy to not only be a comforting presence within your bath waters but to aid in ritual magic and spells of protection. For external use only.


Every ritual should be started with a ritual bath, and what better way to cleanse and purify yourself than with AzureGreen’s Purification Bath Salt blend? This bath salt blend contains the perfect amount of salts, herbs, and aromatics to ease away the stresses and make way for the blessings! Contains 6 ounces of salt blend.


  • A great pre-ritual bath blend 🛁
  • Crafted with epsom salts and dried herbs 🌿
  • 5 ounces. For external use only. ⭐️
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