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AzureGreen’s Sweet Orange Oil provides the sweet, citrus fragrance one might expect of an oil derived from the natural oils found within the Sweet Orange. Delightful whether it is worn, or used with other items to disperse the aroma through whatever environment one wishes. Beyond this aesthetically pleasing method of use, it also offers a [...]

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Meticulously created using the natural oils drawn from Tea Tree, AzureGreen’s Tea Tree Essential Oil is imbued with the essence of the plant of the same name, providing it with many of the same properties and powers. This makes it fantastic when used in spells and rituals of clarity and harmony. Use it in your [...]

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Derived from the natural oils captured from the flower from which it gets its name AzureGreen’s Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is a high quality, pure oil that enjoys many of the same properties for which the flower itself is known. This makes it wonderful when used in spells and rituals of love and harmony, helping [...]