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Display the sign of the five elements proudly with this beautiful Bronze Pentacle Necklace! Perfectly interwoven, this pentacle is crafted with a rustic look. Measures 1″ in diameter and has cord.

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The Mighty Stag, symbol of the Green Man, Green God, Cernunnos, etc. makes his appearance upon this beautiful Bronze Stag Pentacle Necklace. Made from brass, this pentacle measures 1″ in diameter and comes with a cord.


  • Featuring a bubbling lid with holes for the smoke to rise ♨
  • Light your fave incense, place the lid on and watch your cauldron come to life ⚡
  • This cauldron measures approximately 3.25 inches 📏


  • Great for burning charcoal tablets ♨️
  • Perfect for burning petition spells 📜
  • 5" in diameter 📏
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  • A great gift for Witches 🎁
  • Crafted from pewter 🔨
  • Measures: 1 3/4” x 3/4” 📏
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  • Hold your pendulum in the center, ask your question, watch it swing ⭐
  • Great for beginner psychics 👁
  • 12" x 8" 📏

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This Amethyst Pentacle Chakra Pendulum includes an engraved pentagram that has either been gilded or silvered, with a chain accented by stones representing the 7 chakras. This pendulum is 6” long.

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Plentiful Earth’s main goal is Coexistence, in all areas of life! We’re so excited about this beautiful Green Adventurine Coexist Bracelet! Similar to the Coexist bumper stickers, this bracelet features the Moon, Peace Sign, Om, Pentacle, Goddess, Yin Yang, and Cross, which spell out the word “coexist”. Each charm is separated by a lovely green [...]

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  • Perfect as a reusable grocery bag! ✨
  • 100% cotton 🤩
  • 18" square 📏


Ideal for use as a trivet for hot items on your altar or as a symbol of mysticism and magic, this large silver-tone cut-out pentacle altar tile is perfect for any altar. Measures 5.75 inches.


Celebrate the energy of all dragons with this beautiful Earth Dragon Pentacle Wall Plaque! Created from the artwork of Anne Stokes, this beautiful piece depicts a bright, vivid green Earth Dragon with its serpentine body entangled within a pentagram woven of sculpted sticks. This amazing wall plaque measures 13″ in diameter and is cast in [...]


  • Rituals & Spells: Wealth, Power, Leadership ✨
  • Beautiful Wiccan Triple Moon Pentacle in the center 🌟
  • 100% Rayon. Approx. 21" x 21" 📏


  • Spiritual Uses: Protection, connection, healing 🤍
  • How To Use: Hold with your dominant hand and direct energy out of the tip. 🗡
  • Size: 10" long 📏