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Orange Calcite is a wonderful stone for healing and magic. It is great for protection, grounding, empowerment, optimism, and creativity!  It can help link you to the natural cycles of continuous change and transmutation as well as enable the free flowing of energy. This is 1 lb. of polished, tumbled orange calcite. This is packed by [...]


Pink Calcite Crystals are believed to help you let go of the past, and move into the future. These luscious stones are believed to assist with emotional healing, stimulate flow of energy, release creative blocks, fight laziness, and help to increase vitality. Each stone has it’s own unique colors patterns, beauty, and faults. This bulk [...]


Perfect for crystal grids or Witch’s Bottles, this 1 pound bulk order of Pyrite is also known as “Fool’s Gold”. Fool’s Gold is great for money and prosperity spells and grids! This bulk order of pyrite is packaged by weight.


Rainbow Jasper is a beautiful balancing and inspiring stone that’s also referred to as Fancy Jasper or Multi Colored Jasper. It is believed to be an overall balancing steady healer, especially for the overactive mind; it inspires one to work through issues not to get caught up in worry. It is also believed to rejuvenate one’s creative power. [...]


  • Manmade from copper and glass ❤️
  • Great for strength, courage, and more 💪
  • 1 pound of crystals ⚖️
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Also known as red banded Jasper, this is a bulk order of Tumbled Red Malachite. Red is the color of energy, courage and passion; when blended with Malachite, the natural properties of the stone blend flawlessly with the influences of the color Red. This combination creates a vibration that brightens the energy and lives of those [...]


  • Perfect for removing grudges 👼
  • Great for crystal grids 💎
  • Shipped by weight, not crystal size ⚖️
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Rose Quartz is a gentle and warm stone that is of great use in love spells. It is also believed to be quite useful in healing emotional wounds, and providing calming energies. Sold by aproximate weight – not stone size or count.

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Used to stimulate love and open the heart chakra, these Rose Quartz pieces are untumbled and perfect for magick! Wearing or carrying a piece of rose quartz is often a part of rituals meant to attract love. Also useful for promoting peace, happiness and fidelity in established relationships. This natural stone runs the gamut of [...]

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  • Great for removing fear 👋
  • Use in detox gem elixirs 💎
  • From Brazil. 1lb by weight ⚖️
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Sometimes mistaken for Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite is deep blue with beautiful veins that appear like captured lightning. Use it in your healing practices to ease stress, anxiety, and other emotional imbalance. Sold by approximate weight – not stone size or count.


Natural Sunstone seems to reflect the golden dazzle of the morning sun! Because of this, it is often used as a ritual or meditative focus for Sun or Fire energy and passion. This order of bulk Polished Sunstone is sold by approximate weight, not stone size or count. This order will contain approximately 36 – 43 stones [...]


  • Energy: Fire 🔥
  • Great for confidence + leadership 🦁
  • 1 lb. raw crystal 💎
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  • Black Tourmaline in Quartz 💎
  • Perfect for incredible protection 🙏
  • 1 lb of bulk crystals, from Peru 📏


Citrine is a stunning stone that somewhat resembles topaz. When gently tumbled, citrine possesses a golden, translucent quality that is popular in jewelry as well as a wonderful positive energy for magical and healing properties. Citrine is a popular stone to work with if you need positivity, focus, creativity, or want to work with the faeries! This [...]