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Assembled and created by AzureGreen, this Money Drawing Spell Writing Kit is great for creating magickal seals, spells, and petitions for money, growth, and fertility. This beginner’s spell kit comes with: 5 sheets of parchment 1 quill pen 1 bottle of Money Green magical ink Be sure to cast this spell in the safety of [...]


AzureGreen’s Musk Essence oil possesses a sweet, attractive aroma traditionally found in many perfumes and colognes. Blended of carefully chosen essential oils, it possesses many of the traditional properties associated with such fragrances, making it a potent aid to many spells and rituals even as it otherwise provides a pleasant scent to the skin or [...]


  • A great reminder of where hatred stems from 💛
  • Easy to apply! 🙌
  • Standard bumper sticker-sized 🚗
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Crafted from the natural oils of the Patchouli plant, AzureGreen’s Patchouli Essential oil captures the fragrance that so many know and love and leaves it imbued with many of the same properties that so many of us use in ritual crafts. Standing alone, it makes for a great fragrance for the home or as a [...]


Blended by AzureGreen, this select blend of Protection Bath Salts consist of salts, herbs, and aromatic oil has been charged with energy to not only be a comforting presence within your bath waters but to aid in ritual magic and spells of protection. For external use only.


  • Contains everything you need to cast a protection spell 💫
  • Learn to create a protection amulet ⭐
  • Contains spell candle, instructions, herbal incense blends, charcoal tablets, necklaces, and more! ⚡


Purify and bless your body and aura as you prepare for ritual with AzureGreen’s Purification Mini Bath Kit. Complete with instructions, candles, candle holder, and Purification Bath Salts, this kit is great for beginners and intermediates alike!


Bring money into your life and bring it fast with AzureGreen’s Quick Money Herbal Spell Mix. This 3/4 ounce bag contains a fantastic herbal blend for use in sachets, potpourri burners, mojo bags, financial baths, and to burn on charcoal tablets.


  • Inscribed with the Theban alphabet ⭐
  • Pre-empowered to return to sender ⚡
  • Simply visualize and light 🕯️
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