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  • Combines the magical correspondences of Gemini ♊
  • Dress candles or talismans 🕯
  • 2 dram. External use only. 🌟
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  • Inscribed with magickal script 🖋️
  • Simply visualize and light! 🕯️
  • Ready for you to cast! ⚡
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  • Great ancestor and petition spell ingredient 🌟
  • Collected by AzureGreen 👏
  • 1 lb. by weight ⚖


Empowered and charged by AzureGreen, this Lust Spell Candle was created to draw upon deep passions to inspire desire and lust. The markings in the candle call upon the energies of lust, making it a potent tool for empowering your spell of desire and seduction. The shade of red may vary.