Planetary Hours for Thursday

Planetary hours are a part of astrology, stemming from the ancient Chaldean order of the planets, which says that each hour of the day is governed by specific energy from a specific planet or body, in accordance to astrology! During that hour, the world is under the influence of that planet!

For instance, the first hour of daylight on a Thursday is governed by Jupiter, its ruling celestial body, and the ninth hour of sunlight on Thursday is governed by Jupiter, making it the perfect time to perform prayers or spells for success and growth! Keep in mind that the planetary hours may not always be full hours, and they will not be the same everyday!

Planetary hours are calculated from the time the sun rises to the time the sun sets, meaning that a new day for planetary timing does not start at midnight.

Click here to learn How to calculate planetary hours!

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Planetary Hours for Thursday


  • Hour 1 – Jupiter
  • Hour 2 – Mars
  • Hour 3 – Sun
  • Hour 4 – Venus
  • Hour 5 – Mercury
  • Hour 6 – Moon
  • Hour 7 – Saturn
  • Hour 8 – Jupiter
  • Hour 9 – Mars
  • Hour 10 – Sun
  • Hour 11 – Venus
  • Hour 12 – Mercury


  • Hour 1- Moon
  • Hour 2 – Saturn
  • Hour 3 – Jupiter
  • Hour 4 – Mars
  • Hour 5 – Sun
  • Hour 6 – Venus
  • Hour 7 – Mercury
  • Hour 8 – Moon
  • Hour 9 – Saturn
  • Hour 10 – Jupiter
  • Hour 11 – Mars
  • Hour 12 – Sun

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