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Healing Basket

The Plentiful Earth Healing Basket is a place for healing, love, community, and family, a place where friends and family can request and receive any and all healing on all levels, for their highest goods. Simply fill out the form below for yourself or any loved one who is in need of healing from a vast community of healers! You can be as anonymous as you’d like or as direct as you’d like by using anything from initials to photographs! Be sure to list the ailments that need healing, and be open to any and all healing energies, for your highest good, harming none!

In addition, I ask that those who visit this page take a moment to send health and love to those whose names reside on the list below; let’s build this network of healing, together! Sisters and Brothers unite in health and love as we continue to live and thrive on our plentiful earth! Aurora Moone, here at Plentiful Earth, along with her own friends and healing circles, will print out this list once a week and add those in need of healing to their healing rituals, prayers, and wishes.

If you or your entrant has recovered, you need to edit your entry, or if you have any questions, please send Aurora a message!

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Active Healing List

Healee Name/InitialsAilmentCityStateCountryPhoto
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Riohacha Colombia Colombia
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R.E. drug addiction/ODD/BiPolar Massapequa NY USA
LH asthma. depression, chronic pain Austin TX
Irma Hackett Broken Leg + Multiple Blood Clots - One is the length of her calf. Booth Bay Maine USA
A.M. Sore body, exhaustion, lack of energy Austin TX USA
J.M. Fever and Sick Austin TX USA
B.M Knee, Hip, and Joint pain Pearl MS USA
J.M. Arthritis Ocean Springs MS USA

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