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Words + Pictures from today's Wise Witch @morehartmusic! 💖⠀
Words + Pictures from today's Wise Witch @morehartmusic! 💖⠀ "My work over the summer of retro grade has been about noticing the spaces that I mindlessly occupy that don’t belong to me. As much as I like to think that I am a “good” human, inclusive, and aware, it has become painfully obvious to much how much more learning/unlearning I have to do. ⠀ ---⠀ As someone who ”teaches” (although I much prefer the term guides) yoga for living I have been sitting with myself and asking some deep scary questions. How much of my spirituality is colonized? Why? I’ve been acknowledging the harm and trying to decided on the best road forward. I don’t have many definitive answers yet, but I know some changes need to be made. ⠀ ---⠀ That said, I have three lovely Buddha sculptures and one painting that are looking for new home. I’m embarrassed to say that I never thought much about how odd it is for me as a non buddhist to have buddha sculptures, wrongfully placed ones at that, through out my home. Did you know a Buddha should never have feet pointing that them. Same goes for Hindi deities. All I can imagine is 20 some pairs of feet directed right at these scared objects during the 1000’s of savasanas I’ve guided. If I have any Buddhist friends looking for a Buddha or if anyone has any respectful ideas on what to do with them please let me know. Some other things I will be parting ways with, dream catchers, and the term smudging. I am sorry for my ignorance and deeply apologize to anyone I have offended."⠀ ⠀ #buddha #mindset #positivity #yoga #meditation #goodmorning #astrology #pine #sage #smudgestick #incense #healing #cleansing #coexist #spiritual #goodvibes #boho