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Full Moon Dates 2020

Moon phases play an incredibly large role in our lives in many different areas, no matter what your lifestyle is. If you live a magickal life, you use the timings of the moon to plan your rituals and spells.

In the ancient days, Native Americans and our ancestors utilized the full moon to work and travel at night. In modern times, we use the moon phases to understand our emotions and the energy signatures that exist around us. Understanding when the moon is full and when the moon is new can help you uncover many mystical secrets to life.

Full Moon Calendar 2020

All dates and times are based in Austin, TX, in the Central Standard Time Zone (+6 GST).

Full Moon DateDay of the WeekTimeFull Moon Sign
January 10Friday1:21 pm CSTCancer/Leo
February 9Sunday1:33 am CSTLeo
March 9Monday12:47 pm CSTVirgo/Libra
April 7Tuesday9:35 pm CSTLibra
May 7Thursday5:45 am CSTScorpio/Sagittarius
June 5Friday2:12 pm CSTSagittarius/Capricorn
July 4Saturday11:44 pm CSTCapricorn
August 3Monday10:58 am CSTAquarius
September 2Wednesday12:22 am CSTPisces
October 1Thursday4:05 pm CSTAries
October 31Saturday9:49 am CSTTaurus
November 30Monday3:29 am CSTGemini
December 29Tuesday9:28 pm CSTCancer

How many full moons are in a year?

There are 13 full moons in a single year. Each 30 or 31-day calendar month contains at least one full moon, and occasionally, it will have a second, or “blue moon”. This happens because moon cycles are only 28 days long; since they’re shorter than full months, moon cycles happen more often.

How long does the energy of a Full Moon last?

If you’re using the energy of a moon phase for healing, wishes, spells, or rituals, the energy of a full moon can be used for three days. These three days include the day of the moon, the day before, and the day after. If you look up into the night sky and the moon looks and feels full, it’s likely a good day for full moon spells. Always check a calendar for the real moon phase dates.

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