Easy Way to Meditate with Pictures

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Meditation. Does this word fill you with wonder as you think about the endless possibilities of your third eye? Does it, instead, fill you with anxiety, annoyance, or worry as you picture yourself trying to meditate, only to find yourself thinking about the days events? If you chose the latter, you’re like many of us! You’re not alone! Meditation can seem like a daunting task consisting of trying very hard to clear your mind, becoming frustrated, and declaring yourself a walking case of Adult ADHD.

As you may have heard, meditation does not have to be about stilling the mind! There are so many methods of creating mindless meditation, including using a guided meditation track, watching your thoughts ride away from you on a train, popping your thoughts as if they were bubbles, and simply telling them, “Not now” or “I’ll think about you later.” This meditation how-to is going to focus on meditating with a picture. This method allows you to bypass the scene creation and go straight into the good, relaxing part!

Meditating with a picture is essentially vivid daydreaming! When we daydream, our minds drift off to a fantasy realm of our own creation. The possibilities are endless, and we often find that it’s very easy to do on accident! You may be thinking, “Aurora, it happens on accident. Won’t it be difficult to daydream on purpose?” Not at all! Take a moment and think about how your daydreams usually start. You’ve usually teetered on the edge of getting comfortable or falling asleep during a meeting or lecture. Your eyes have caught something beautiful or inspirational, and that has set your mind into a beautiful daydream scenario; you’re begun to daydream.

That’s right; picture meditation gives us a jumping off point to leap into that daydream and straight into meditation! To start, simply search for a peaceful scene, babbling brook, or place you’ve always wanted to visit on Google Images.

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How to Meditate using Pictures

  1. Find a picture in our Meditation Image Gallery, pull up your favorite image on Google Images on your tablet, print out your chosen scene, or pull out that postcard from a relative in Italy.
  2. Get comfortable. This can be any position of your choosing; whatever calls to your body and heart. Lie down, sit in a chair, surround yourself with pillows, or sit in lotus position; it’s up to you! This meditation is just for you.
  3. Relax your eyes and glance over your chosen image.
  4. Find a spot in the image that calls out to you. What do you see in that area of the picture? Are there large, green, moss covered rocks? What do those rocks feel like? Do you hear a nearby brook? What does the ground feel like in that spot? Use questions like these to immerse yourself into the image. Surround yourself with what that area of the image feels like.
  5. From here, you can close your eyes and watch the rest of your meditation unfold in your minds eye, taking on a full meditation, or you can continue exploring the image, using those rich questions. Simply imagine what it feels like to stand up in that scene and move to another part of the image.
  6. When you are done, slowly wiggle your fingers, toes, arms, and legs to bring yourself back into your awareness.
  7. Thank your body and mind for allowing you to have this moment to yourself.

Click here for some starter images to explore!