Post about being grateful for 99 days on your favorite social page.

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The practice of Gratitude has been proven to cause a wonderful shift in your natural thought process! By simply thinking about or writing down what you are grateful for, even for one minute, you are truly changing your life for the better! The more time we spend consciously thinking about what we are grateful for, the more time our brain unconsciously thinks about happier, stress-free thoughts!

Our 99 Days of Gratitude Challenge has been created, with numerology in mind, to help everyone shift their stressful thinking into positive thinking! Soon, you won’t spend time wishing you were thinking positively — you WILL be thinking positively! Join PlentifulEarth’s 99 Days of Gratitude Challenge and see for yourself! You’ll even be rewarded in the end!


Official Rules

  1. You must have a valid Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account.
  2. You MUST post on the same account every day. That is the only way we will be able to track your specific progress through the 99 days of gratitude. If you post Day 1 on Facebook, you must post days 2-99 on Facebook as well.
  3. Your post MUST contain the day count (Day _/99) AND the hashtag (#99daysofgratitude) in order to be eligible for the 33% off coupon, which will only be valid for item purchase on
  4. You CAN post on any day you would like to. This means that YOU DO NOT have to post on consecutive days. If Day 2 is Tuesday, and you forget to post on Tuesday but remember on Wednesday, Wednesday becomes Day 2.
  5. At the end of your 99 days, send us your email address on whatever platform you used. If you used Twitter, send us a Direct Message. Here are links to our social media pages: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram