5 Best Free Meditation Apps of 2015

With more and more studies confirming the ever-increasing benefits of meditation, it’s no wonder that meditation apps are becoming more mainstream by the day. As published by the Cambridge University Press and Harvard University’s Gazette, meditation improves the activities of the brain, repairs and regenerates grey matter in the brain, and can target and improve the function of major parts of the brain. These improvements greatly reduce stress, anxiety, worry, anger, and increase emotional and mental health, self-awareness, self-esteem, compassion, attention span, mental clarity, mood, energy levels, and so much more! Don’t let this list simply tell you the benefits! Check out the 5 Best Free Meditation Apps of 2015 to find out for yourself!

 5 Best Free Meditation Apps of 2015

1. Sattva

  Sattva Meditation App 1Sattva Meditation App 3Sattva Meditation App 2

Sattva is a fantastically well-rounded app that offers a wide range of meditation options for each day. Built into a beautiful, relaxing interface, Sattva treats meditation as a game, and who doesn’t like games? In addition to its great guided meditations, chants, meditation timer, heart rate monitor, and mood tracker, users can also participate in challenges, win trophies, and find a community of meditating friends, just like you! For Apple users, this IS Apple Watch compatible!

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2. Silva Meditate

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Silva Meditate is a great meditation app for those who like a little more regimen to their meditative lifestyle. This app utilizes the tried, tested, and approved methods of the Silva Centering Method! This app features guided meditations that utilize a superb mix of relaxing visualization, positive affirmations, mental countdowns, physical relaxation, and hypnosis. Each of the 5 guided meditations are geared for certain parts of your day, creating a highly successful regimen of positivity, health, and relaxation.

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3. Omvana

Omvana Meditation App 1 Omvana Meditation App 2 Omvana Meditation App 3

Omvana is another well-rounded app, but this app offers its meditations in a different way than Sattva. Omvana features two great, outstanding options for meditation. The first is a vast library full of both free and paid guided meditations and meditation sound tracks, allowing the user to customize every meditation session by choosing the exact meditation for their current situation. The meditations are guided and created by meditation leaders around the world! The second is a revolutionary track layering system that allows you to fully customize your guided meditation experience. You can choose the guided track, as well as a separate relaxing background sound. There are many combinations possible for just one meditation! This app is compatible with Apple Watch

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4. Headspace

Headspace Meditation App 1 Headspace Meditation App 2 Headspace Meditation App 3

Similar to Sattva in its track-style structure, Headspace is an app that makes meditation simple. The free option of this app teaches the beginnings of meditation in a well-illustrated and easy to learn fashion! Learn the basics while gaining all of the benefits of meditation with this app! This app is compatible with Apple Watch.

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5. Centered by Blue Cross Blue Shield

Centered Meditation App 1 Centered Meditation App 2 Centered Meditation App 3

Backed by Blue Cross Blue Shield, this app features a small, but powerful selection of medically-backed meditations that exist to clear your mind and make space for thought. Centered is tethered to all aspects of health, including number of steps taken, allowing the user to gain all of the increased health benefits of meditation. This app is great for those who are seeking a way to fully integrate meditation into their overall health. Centered features 8 different meditations, spanning from 4 minutes in length to 19, allowing you to meditate at any time during the day! The app has great reminders for you to meditate at least 3 times a week! This is compatible with Apple Watch.

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