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2020 Mercury Retrograde Dates

If you’ve found Plentiful Earth’s online Mercury Retrograde calendar, chances are life has gotten crazy out of nowhere. Your internet feels like it’s on dial-up, your phone is freaking out, Instagram is down, Facebook is MIA, you’ve lost a few packages in the mail, and your car won’t start; Mercury could be in retrograde!

So, we’ve put together this free 2020 Mercury Retrograde Calendar to help you pinpoint when you should backup your hard drives, say a prayer to Saint Christopher, set an intention for safe travel, and keep an ear out for your own tongue! If the date falls within these time spans, check out this article on what you should do during a Mercury Retrograde!

When is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde happens whenever Mercury appears to stop, travel backward, stop, and go forwards again! Since the planet rules travel and communication, this backward motion effs up all travel and communication! Learn more about how Mercury Retrograde works here! So, when is the next retrograde? Check out the dates below!

Mercury Retrograde February/March 2020 in Aquarius and Pisces

  • Pre-Shadow Period: February 1 – 17
  • Retrograde Station: February 18
  • Retrograde Period: February 18 – March 9
  • Direct Station: March 9
  • Post-Shadow Period: March 10 – 29

Mercury Retrograde June/July 2020 in Gemini and Cancer

  • Pre-Shadow Period: June 1 – June 18
  • Retrograde Station: June 19
  • Retrograde Period: June 19 – July 11
  • Direct Station: July 11
  • Post-Shadow Period: July 12 – 26

Mercury Retrograde October 2020 in Libra and Scorpio

  • Pre-Shadow Period: September 23 – October 15
  • Retrograde Station: October 16
  • Retrograde Period: October 16 – November 2
  • Direct Station: November 2
  • Post-Shadow Period: November 3 – 20

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